Romeo and Romeo

A glance around at girls and boys,

Of couples, marriages and first love joys.

All holding hands, united strong,

But in the centre, a love that's 'wrong'.

A room that's crowded, hands held tight,

Eyes shining bright with love of last night.

Each one accepted, each one allowed

Each one blended in one lustful crowd.

Juliet and Romeo declaring attraction,

But all eyes are drawn to a sideways distraction.

This time Romeo and Romeo with lips in love's lock

Never oblivious of the close looks of shock.

But why should they hide and keep their love hushed?

Tear away from their boy, let their love be crushed?

What difference does there lie, in their love from yours?

How can something so natural, cause so many wars?

Though others may claim their own love to be strong,

They never had to fight just to feel they belong,

To survive this world where a label means all,

To feel so alone each time they did fall.

Never once have they had to look past the glare

Of one once an ally, only pretending to care.

Never had to walk with their heads held high

Solely because a guy loves a guy.

Never have they been shunned, by father or mother,

Or left out on the streets by their sister or brother.

Purely because they were too scared to fight

For a love labelled as wrong, but who says what's right?

Why should they shy from the way they've been branded?

Conform to an ideal the way this world demanded?

Why should 'homosexual' or 'gay' be their mark?

Their sexuality is honesty, and that being stark.

A love is a love, in all shape and form,

A love is a love if it keeps you warm.

A love is a love if the love is returned,

If a love is a love it cannot be burned.

I am not gay (in any way) myself but have several close friend who are and I find it tragic the way they get treated sometimes. Their love is no different and shouldn't be treated as such. I hope you enjoyed this poem, on a subject very close to my heart. Please review.

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