Exchanged Hearts
by: trista groulx

When I offered you my heart
You knew it came with warnings
It had been shattered before
It was so fragile
I took yours with care
Never wanting to even scratch it
Thinking that you felt the same
Feeling like you understood
I tried to fix a wound I thought I'd inflicted
But it was so much more
More then I ever knew
More then you ever told me
I thought I'd chipped your heart
And how I tried to mend it
But it was my heart that was broken
And you didn't let me see it
Until you threw it in my face
I missed the pitch
And I saw it shatter
My heart in front of me,
In a million tiny pieces
When I already hurt so much
You left me with it all
And so much more
To do it all alone
I shattered when I saw it
Then had no one to help me to mend
Those wounds caused by you
I just needed help to heal
But you never saw
The pain you inflicted