s.t.r.i.p.p.i.n.g. away the skin & providing a reapplication with duct tape, she (re)assembles herself with /superior/ beauty

:well-defined ribs & shimmering (straight-from-the-ocean) skin; eyes lined with kohl & irises rimmed with amethyst. (an ocean of deceptive beauty)

she shoots up with glittery (watered-down) glue because it's pretty & dances with the fae at midnight. an alignment of FIVE stars above her skylight surely opens a portal to the (reality of the) imagination.

((all you have to do is believe))

she wears corsets tied with sashes of incandescent pink & black skirts trimmed with ornamental lace. (she'll wear anything showy.)

she does anything for the limelight (though she wishes it were a different color)

my dear--