Shower stall confessions,

these things I cannot say,

water drizzle mixed with tears and

my words like ashes, melting


petals, petals, watch them fall


and I-

I forgot to tell you, that time we talked

It's been six months, six months and I don't even care.

This is just an anti-metaphorical update

so you can know that

It is(n't) killing me (anymore)

and I can know, and admit, and submit,

and stop fucking pretending because

when your boy lips kissed and said those words-

You meant them.


these- petals, petals, watch them fall...


Your confession fell within my horror

to the roses I remember,

and we still can't remember

why we had hurt each other so much


petals, petals, watch them fall

watch them (this hate) disintegrate

My Epitome of Love and Pain,

I. am. over. you.