Fuck you, Fuck me
by: trista groulx

Fuck you, cause I don't need you,
Maybe I never did
I imagined you were what I needed

Fuck me, cause I believe a lie,
I believed it all
I was so naive not to see it sooner

Fuck you, cause you hurt me,
Deeper then I've been cut before
And left me alone to heal

Fuck me, cause I believed
That you were what made me happy
When all I needed was me

Fuck you, cause you used me
I let you use me
But now that's all through

Fuck me, cause it was a lie
It was all a lie
Nothing was real

Fuck you, cause I loved you
When I knew it was all untrue
I let those words go to my head

Just fuck you, cause I don't need it!
This burden, this load
This any of it!

Fuck it all!
Cause nothing's worth this pain!
Especially not you!