Maggie Cheung

Block H

June 1.005

Every family has problems. Some fixable, some just unsolvable. They either make a family stronger or cruelly shatter their world into pieces. For Nicole her family only consisted of a mother that was given too short of a lifespan, some old distant money giving aunt and herself. If you asked her "where was her dad?" she'd probably sock you one, if you deserved it. Nicole hated only to things in this world: the Star Trek nerd next door who daily tried to hit on her and her bastard of a father. To her that man wasn't even worth the slim on her hot red Nike shoes.

Nicole woke up just as the clock signaled 1:54 pm, just as it did every morning regardless of how she felt about waking up. Heaving herself off the lumpy mattress, she stumbled through the staggering amount of clothes littered everywhere; spite the fact that the room had a closet. Nicole passed by the moldering 6 week old pizza boxes on the floor. Her tendency to be lazy practically turned the once neat room into a dumpster. The garbage can around the corner somewhere of the room was piling over, spewing unidentified items to the floor. It was almost amazing see how she could walk right through that amazon half sleeping. While her mind still boggled with the latest sweet dreams, she made her way towards the only bathroom in the entire dorm.

The bathroom itself contained only rusted mirrors, miniature toilets that seemed even small for a kid and sinks the size of a shoebox which unfortunately spat out only cold water. Just as she stepped in, grimy goop molded itself onto the bottom of Nicole's water resident slippers. She then was finally awakened by the smell of fresh puke and urine. Nicole once again was greeted by the site of used towel paper and scrawled dirty messages asking for phone numbers everywhere. At last she arrived at the sink, washed off the cakes of smudged makeup her job ridiculously required her to wear. Then after one or two brushes with the toothbrush she inspected her teeth while making funny faces. Snapping back to reality "crap I should hurry." She commanded herself. She quickly ripped a comb through her blonde hair, which ready had more blue streaks then blonde. After several attempts at hacking the bush of entangled hair she gave up, gathered her things and pasted out.

In her dorm Nicole didn't wait anytime choosing what to wear. She wasn't the kind of girl you would say was neither pretty nor hot. Fair was what she accepted herself to be. Looking at her mirror, she glanced at the reflection hoping it wasn't too bad. The pair of white jeans gathered from the floor, wrapped itself nicely onto her legs contrasting with the black t-shirt reading "I LUV Canada."

Forcing a hat over her fluff of hair she merely paused a moment to smear on lip bomb and eye shadow.

Walking out the door Nicole nearly collided into a man, if she had not stopped in time. "Watch where you're bleeding going," Nicole instantly barked. Though man was dressed in a business suit looking all professional, anyone could have been easily distracted by the worried look plaster on his face. The man had a head with so much white you couldn't stop staring at it. His appearance told her that he wasn't the regular pizza boy nor was he the guy down the hall, one look at him told you he didn't fit in here.

"Pardon me miss but, is this where Miss Nicole Carmichael lives?" asked the man.

"I'm Nicole Carmichael but, I'm pretty sure I don't know you," spoke Nicole "have we met before?" questioned Nicole. Surly she would remember him if they had met since her photographic memory hasn't failed her yet.

"Well Miss Carmichael," scampered the man "please call me Mrs. Haggarly, I'm a friend of your fathers," scampered Mrs. Haggarly.

"Don't waste you breathe get to the point, what does that old bastard what?" retorted Nicole. As soon as he was mentioned; her blood boiled. Hot steam gathered at the pit of her stomach bursting out anger. Hot incinerating rage frightened to spew over had not Mrs. Haggarly tried to speak.

"Miss Carmichael please listen," trying to calm her "I know you and your father have past differences but, please listen me to," he pleaded.

"Get out," Nicole whispered in a dead silence "I'll let you know that I have no father. From the very day he walked out, he was dead. If you don't go I promise to use my fist to break that pretty face of yours," threatened Nicole.

"He's dying Miss Carmichael."

"What?" snapped Nicole, locking her forest green eyes at him in a dead lock.

"Your father, my friend is dying as we speak," bursted Mrs. Haggarly, panic had washed over his face as he grabbed her arm. "I'm sorry but I have to do this Miss Carmichael," he yelled while dragging her out of the dorm.

Being half dragged in a dead run to outside, Nicole saw the blurry images of curious people stopping to glance at the commotion. Her loud yell's of screeching, undoubtedly, did attract more then the need amount of attention. Just as she was about to give that man a good socking, Mrs. Haggarly pushed her inside his silver Porsche, climbed in and drove out of there as fast as hell.

On the way Nicole did what she hadn't done for nearly decades; think of her horrid past.

Back then when her mother still lived, everything was as normal as it could get. Every morning she would go to school, come back home to do those awful chores; cleaning, sweeping, washing and taking out the trash. Her mother and she had always lived alone ever since she could have remembered. When she was little she always wanted to know who her father was, until he showed up with his scum face.

That day, the bustard had came and left all in a blink of an eye. Turned out the guy back then had knocked up her mother; producing her. He then dumped her right after the next day for another pretty girl. After 12 years, he pops out of no where looking for a son. Well when he saw her, his reaction wasn't the least pleasant. One look at her and the jerk had dismissed her with that. Nicole knew she shouldn't have been affected at all. She barely even knew anything about him but, the feel of rejection hurt. It dug at the pit of her belly feeling as if sharp glass had chipped away at her soul and with one final blow slashed away a special part of her. From the day one she only cared her mother and herself.

It had been a long time since she had thought about him. She knew that seeing him now would anger her now but, a small part of her wanted to see the man that her mother once loved. Her mother, Nicole's mind stopped.

It had been such a long time since her mother passed away. Three years ago cancer stole Emily Carmichael's life, leaving Nicole alone in such a large world. On her death bed Emily had made Nicole promise she wouldn't hate her father. Nicole had promised her that but she knew that she wouldn't be able to keep it and the guile ate away at her. So instead she started smoking to help her forget about everything burdened in her. The pleasure brought by smoking released her from the world.

Boy, she needed one right now. Her hands twitched just thinking about the two and a half packs she had in her pockets. Unfortunately for her Nicole just realized they had just arrived at the hospital. Remembering the last time she tried to have a smoke here, one of the nurses scolded her until her ear popped off. Taking in a breath then slowing exhaling it she brought her attention to Mrs. Haggarly. "So why did you take me here? Is it that he finally needed me to give him one of my arms or possibly an organ? I'm sorry but I really rather see him suffer but, for my mothers, rest her soul, I'll go see the bastard," Nicole sharply spoke.

"I thank you Miss Carmichael. You see these past few years have not been kind to your father. Three years ago your father had gotten cancer but, the fool didn't take the treatment they offered him being the stubborn man he is. Up until this year Adam has finally listened to me and his wife and taken the medication but, it's too late now. The doctor says he won't make it pass tonight. Adam once told me he always wanted to try and make it up to you for the things he's done. I begging you o talk to your father," pleaded Haggarly.

"Oh don't worry we'll do more then talk I can promise you that." Warned Nicole and with that she followed him down the halls.

The hospitals always reminded her of all the wreaked things in her life. Above the ceiling grey lights taunted her. On and off it went reminding her of how a life could be so easily extinguished. The bitter smell of clorafill and soap filled the air. As she walked down the endless hall, cries of pain and beeping machines drummed in her still mind. The past experiences of her mothers' frightful death lunged at her, silently clawing at her defenses. No, pushing away her past fears she walked on determined to not let anything get the better of her.

As they reached the room Nicole could see that the jerk was rich enough to afford a private room. The room was cut off from a glass wall and door, behind the glass wall lead to a bed; his bed. Nicole saw that he surly didn't look well. The man was withered with wrinkles, grey hair flowed over his head as if icing sugar was dusted on him. He sat there heavily heaving. His oxygen mask sitting below his face unused and forgotten as he slowly raised his head to look at her. Anyone could tell that he was in pain as his disoriented eyes tried to find their way to her.

"Nicole is is that you," he whispered painfully as he tried to take gulp air.

Nicole looked at him not knowing what to think. She should have yelled screamed or done something to him at the moment but she didn't. Looking at him did something to her. It was easy to tell that he was suffering, maybe even going to die this moment. The guy had already suffered enough and it wasn't Nicole's job to hurt him more. He had got what he deserved and that was it. The only thing she could do for her mother was to let him die in peace.

"So after all these year this is it. I always thought that I would hate you if I ever saw you but, now all I feel is pity. You left my mother all those years ago. Now it's strange how you're going to die just as she did. Adam I don't regret not having a father or a family growing up. I realize now that what bothered me was how much of a coward you were. I really can't hate you anymore." she releasing all the words out. It wasn't easy to speak to him but, speaking it some how felt right. Some how after the room went silent except for the occasional cough or so.

"I'm I'm," Adam tried to speak but his coughing got worse as he tried again. "I'm sorry for it all." He silently whispered and with that Adam Jour left this world.

Nicole stood there for a min or so waiting. She didn't know what to do now knowing that she was now truly alone in the world. The sound of a weeping wife and the old friend filled the room as her mind stopped. Nicole knew she could go on now. Making her father pass away without one more burden was the least she could do.