by: trista groulx

Drink and you'll forget
Drink and you'll remember
Dink it down
This truth serum

Drink to forget
Drink to remember
Make you who you want to be
You never really knew me
I never really knew you

Dink and I'll forget
Dink and I'll remember
I'll begin to spew all truths
No more lies
It'll all be let free

Drink to forget
Drink to remember
Maybe it wasn't love after all
It was all a dream
I'll drink it down

Drink but I'll forget
Drink but I'll remember
Those lies you promised me
But never could reveal
Till it was too late

Drink so I'll forget
Drink so I'll remember
Drink it all down

Drink to the our past
Drink to no future
I'll drink till I'm happy
And only find sad