© KwazyKandyPie

Lost Chances

It hurts to know

I once had a chance.

The thought will echo

of my lost romance.

There was you.

There was him.

My heart was true,

soon became dim.

If I knew I had you,

if only I just realized,

then my heart less slew.

But time cannot be revised.

If I knew I had him,

To take the time to notice,

But he was on the rim.

Should've gave more focus.

Now I have neither.

None to care for.

My love is briefer

than before.

I am sorry.

I am in remorse.

My mind is broody.

This is my true discourse.

(Author's Note- Not originally written on paper, I just typed it up on the computer right now. This poem was typed on June 3, 2005. 6/3/05. Summer vacation soon, YES!

All right, this is dedicated to those who one had a chance with something but didn't realize they did until later on. Or those who have regrets. Honestly, a part of me wants to regret what happened to me. Yet again, my ideals tell me that everything happens for a reason.)