She was Adrienne, the overly sheltered quiet girl who hid in the shadow of her popular sister. She was a free-spirited artist that was misunderstood by her mother and mistreated by her sister, driving her to often escape to her own little world within herself.

He was Johnny, the heart throb of the school, unbeknownst to him, who was the most likely candidate for valedictorian with an early acceptance to Harvard and reining student body president for two years. Yet behind that all he was someone else with secret dark past.

They were barely acquaintances; he was her sister's boyfriend and she was his little sister's best friend. But one fateful summer night at camp was going to change all that and eternally bond the two very different teens together...


Everyone in the office looked at me waiting for an answer, a name, anything. I couldn't do it, I couldn't tell them! I couldn't do this to Johnny! I didn't want to ruin his life and make him hate me a billion times more. What other choice did I have? Either way they'll find out sooner or later, I couldn't lie about this and I couldn't keep it a secret.

"Adrienne?" The principal said.

"Adrienne dear, who did this to you?" my mother begged

"Who's the father?"

"Adrienne, answer me!"

I sat there as they cornered me into telling. They were starting to suffocate me, trapping me into answering. My sister Heather was glaring at me trying hard not to smile in amusement of me being the one in trouble.

They were ganging up on me wanting a name; a name I wasn't willing to say.

"Adrienne, it's important, you're not the only one at fault. Come on Adrienne, we know you did not get yourself pregnant. Now tell us who is responsible for your condition?" The principal softened, poorly.

"Adrienne, goddamn it, you tell me right now!" My mom was getting red with anger.

"This is crazy, who the hell would sleep with her?" Heather muttered.

"Adrienne we'll stay here all day until you tell us who," the principal stated as if this her problem too.

I couldn't get the words out. I opened my mouth and nothing came out.

"Adrienne you better answer me this instant!" my mom then banged her fist on the desk, causing me to jump, "Who?!"

I close my eyes, "Joh—joh--Johnny," I finally stuttered what they wanted to hear, but not the name they expected to hear.

"Who? I can't quite hear you."

"Johnny," I said to the principal once more as a tear rolled down my face, realizing in that instant I had just ruined his life. He would never forgive me and forever hate me as the one who killed his future.

I wanted to die right there!

My mom was silent, slowly taking in my response.

"Johnny who?" the principal asked.

I look out the office window, to the picture above the attendance desk, the group picture of him among the rest of the student body. That answered her question.

My mother gasped, "You mean Johnny, Heather's Johnny?"

Heather's Johnny, oh god the way she said that, like he was her husband or something!

Heather looked at me in both rage and disbelief...

While my mother and the principal looked at me trying to figure out how something as farfetched as this could of happened. How does an innocent and sheltered shy girl get pregnant by the student body president?

The question on my mind- how is this going to turn out?

It was scary being in that place where I couldn't see where I was heading to; where there was sure to be a dead end and little hope of making it out without pain and regret. And there was no way to prepare for what was to be waiting at that dead end.

What happened to lead me here?