Happy Pills
by: trista groulx

I can't throw away my crutch
Until it's really over
But I can smile
I can laugh again
I can dream
And I can write
I won't throw away my crutch
Cause without it I am lost
I may be strong
But it can't be done alone
I'm learning that now
They may not understand
But I do now
It's not a weakness
It's a disease
Would you shun chemotherapy?
Would you shrug off insulin?
Would you laugh at a cane?
Would you disregard eyeglasses?
So why do sneer at my medication?
For without it I'd be dead
Taken to the dark place
Think before you speak
And say I don't need this
It's a disease
Just like any other
But its effects unique
Talking helps a lot, I know
But my pills are needed too
Just until the wound is healed
Just until I can toss my crutch
And be free my mind again

a/n it was my choice to go back on anti depressants a few months ago, and i faught my doctor for nearly a year after some bad reactions to some stuff he put me on, but i found some that really help and tho my family doesn't know that why i'm taking my pills, i am, and if you are really clinically depressed see your doctor you don't have to live in that pit of dispair, there is something that can help, i'm not a pill popper and i don't like to admit that i take "happy pills" but i've been really sick and if it was anything else i would have never questioned the treatment i needed people understand that thnx -trista