I'm loving you loving me

Loving being around u every second of every day.

Knowing you want your space but hating for you to be away

But to make you happy I deal

I handle this

Thinking of you every ten seconds out of every minute

Long conversations on the phone

Your smile lingers in my visual memory

Your voice in my ear

You sweet kisses on my lips

Making sudden smiles appear on my face

Some may think I'm crazy but,

I'm not

The only illness I have is that I'm hopelessly in love with you

No antidote or cure for something like this

These things only get worse with time

Not that I would want it any other way

Seeing your face brightens my day

Makes the dark clouds just float away

Jealousy may be a side effect

But its not too serious

Heart-ache may be the long term effect

But in the long run

Your worth it...