No sunrise

I will never give up,
I will just go on fighting,
Until I die,
I will never stop trying,
I try to think
Of a peaceful ending,
But everything
Just ends up with more people dieing.
I am beyond hope,
Beyond any refuge,
Nothing at all will make me move.
Black is my heart,
Black is my mood,
Black is the war that is so huge.
I wonder
If this war will ever end,
Any pause in it is a godsend.
The enemy will not break,
Or bend,
Some of the damage will never mend.
Darkness and despair
Fills every atom of air,
Death is something
We all share.
On judgement day
How will we fair?
Most of us don't even care.
My pain
I cannot disguise,
Nor the burning tears in my eyes.
Don't get involved in war,
That's what I advise.
On a dark horizon
There is no sunrise.