Aeluin let out a huge sigh and, wiping her sweaty forehead with a dirt-smudged sleeve, said, just loudly enough to be heard by the five others in the vicinity, said, "All right, guys. Let's pack it up"

Jeniukei looked up a her, standing on top of a mound of dirt. He was astounded to find he could barely see her. The fog was coming in, and that meant it was late.

The groan was felt by everyone, the were forced to come home empty handed once more.

"Wait, there!" Ziekye called out.

The group of six kids, preteens, by the look of them, turned to see a pale, shadowy figure just behind the tree line.

Aeluin muttered under her breath.

"That's the one we need." Dreynikieuey Aeluin motioned for him to be quiet. Everyone knew that should they go past the treeline, terrible things would happen.

With Aeluin's careful guidance, they set up the trap, quietly, silently, unnoticable to the human eye. But it would not be so easily fooled.

Singing an eery tune, the figure made it's way farther into the forest, which loomed above them still, dark, forbidding.

'No, no, it can't be, it isn't, please, we've waited too long, worked to hard to let it go now,'Aeluin sent the prayer up to the one, and only, goddess who could help them now.


But the figure still continued to walk farther and farther into the forest. The others looked at her expectantly.

"We follow it," She whispered. And the figure began to run.