not that long ago
we were tight as emo kids' jeans
you told me you loved me
it hurt andi accepted it as true
ihated to admit it buti really loved you too
itold you so and we twiddled our thumbs
we were still tight
but we sort of saw no point to go on
nothing became of us and we got older
drifted apart
idropped some old hobbies
and you got some new ones.
imet new guys and dated around
thinking of you all the while
and you did the samei guess
inever can ascertain that.
when we saw each other next
it renewed my love for you
imissed you andi loved you all over again
ithought we could become tight again
you told me you loved me again
it nearly killed me buti accepted it as true
itold youi loved you too
but it was all a lie from you
probably a lie from me too.
in more recent days
you've let me know that you've forgotten me
not only in love but also as a friend, in every aspect
you hear my name and you ask if we've met
because i'm playing with your mind, trying to convey it all in one conversation.
i'm sure you'll remember some day
but for now you'll be oblivious.
i'm putting all my memories of you in a shoebox
burying you in a grave
i'll put you away for good
but sadly i'll never forget.
iloved you once, and i'm honestly not sure it's still true.
imissed you once, and nowi only want you gone.