Chained Together

The half-hearted pendant I wore

Was tied to a chain,

With the chain being tied

To a former love

Who also wore

The very same pendant,

The half of a shared heart.

Though we drifted apart

Over many many years,

The chain,

Like yours,

Tarnishedby time,

Covered in rime,

Yours kept in a box,

Mine around my neck,

Kept us together.

But However,

As the years went on,

So did we.

You got someone new

I resented you,

You fell in love,

I went above

And beyond

To keep my feelings intact

Embodying them in the chain in fact.

But all that love

Went to waste

When you couldn't except,

How I taste.

And so I give it

Back to you,

In order for you

To give it to

The man you love

Who probably loves you.

It's not fair for me

To keep something

That I stole from someone

Who deserves to wear it

Someone who can bear it

And express all that's in it

Without having to pursue

And hiding something true.

It wasn't nice for me

Have what wasn't mine

in the first place.

And with much solace found,

I am no longer bound,

And my feelings for you

At least from me,


Forever unsound .