Just let all the emotions swirl out of you
like the paint on your brush
as you create the masterpiece
that was meant for his eyes only
those precious green eyes
the same color green as that shirt
you bought for him from the flea market
where the two of you would spend hours
never spending more than ten dollars
because that's all you could afford
after you had paid the bills
and half the time
you couldn't even pay them
but it never bothered him
he was constantly smiling and
telling you never to give up
your passion and your dreams
but he was always a part of those dreams
and now that he's gone
they have drifted away from you
and you're lost in a fog
and all you can see is his face
and you call for him
and all he does is smile
and you reach out for him
but he doesn't even flinch
you can't really remember
what his hand even looked like
but that smile and those deep green eyes
are forever imprinted in your heart