I walked out in full battle gear, amidst peals of laughter from all gathered. Eysteinn pointed a finger at me, guffawing loudly. "Look at the little stĂșlka(girl), I think that she fancies herself a valkyrja!(Valkyrie)"
Following their leader, the men gathered all laughed, making crude comments. Istianna tossed her mane of red-gold hair,quite proudly. "I care not of what you pig-brains think" She snapped, voice melodic and low. Face deepening into a beet-like red, Eysteinn roared, "If you find need to have it your way, little stulka, then you shall have it, but you shall not be considered one of us until you have proven to us you are near worthy!" That said, he whirled around, and stalked backto his tent, grumbling to himself. When a servant tried to follow into the tent to attend to his needs, he reappeared but half a minute later, on the ground,shaking with fear. He stumbled up, tripping over himself to get away. Istianna raised a single eyebrow, looking slightly amused.