AN: this is for Tina. The things I can't say to your face or on the phone. I'm sorry about our situation really I am. I can't begin to explain to you how much I care for you. This might help.

For every word you ever said

I listened

For every tear you ever cried

I wished I was there, to comfort you

Or at least try

I wish I could shout to the world I'm gay

And in love with the greatest woman there ever was

But they wouldn't understand

I'm sorry if I can't be the woman you deserve

But I do love you with every inch of my skin

When we touch it's like an escape

To a place where I can be myself

No fake smiles, or "it's alright I'm okay"

God damit I love you

I wish I was there those times you needed me

Tina, I just wish I was there

Your lips are my drug

Your eyes my sanity

Your voice my comfort

Your whole being is my reason to live

I can't help but cry when you get upset

Of course I would never tell you I cry

But I do

I cry for you

Things will get better I promise

I'll kidnap you if it comes down to it

But you have to understand

Life for me right now isn't worth living

At least I have you

I'll be there soon

Give it time

I'm sure this will all blow over soon

For now your taste lingers in my mouth

The soft caresses stay forever in my mind

Just give it time.

AN: no one else will probably understand this, but feel free to review any way if you want to.