Within our self is someone who knows you better

treat it right before disrespect comes to it and to you

Shame and pain will follow everywhere you go

Not knowing when this misery will end

Thinking this couldn't happen to you

Wonder why you didn't see all those clear signs

Were you to Blind from the truth?

Maybe just didn't understand the whole concept

Stress is weakening every single hope in you

why couldn't you not think this would ever happen

Suffocation was not an enemy toward you

You made yourself the enemy of your own soul

Crying can't help you anymore

You made your own fate by that certain deed

life as you know it will be a living hell

Punishments are near and see what will be done

bad actions bring hard consequences

Time on earth will be hard

Too much suffering will you see

Why did you even do it in the first place?

People knowing the awful truth

Justice laughing at you while you are being humiliating

Being treated like an animal in a tiny cage cell

I guess that is what you wanted

What was going through the mind of your soul?

What made you do unthinkable act which you did?

Why did you even think about those evil things?

What was the cause for? Any reasons that will open up many doors to the truth?

I will never understand what was the cause for what you have done

I will never understand what you've done and which reasons you did it for

I will never understand what was in you in that period of time when you done it

I will never understand until you open up to me and explain everything you need to say

Life is hard

Tricky game plans to make it to the top

Easiness is very rare to find

always know this..........

Friends should always stick together no matter what happens