Little girl, living in her world,

Living in peace, not a care,

Nothing there to cause her despair.

The world turns slowly around her,

The day dawns, the day sets.

Her life is treating her well,

She has no unpaid debts.

Little girl, her world starts to crumble,

Nothing is as it seems.

The madness begins to take over,

And it won't listen to her pleas.

Everything is falling around her,

Or so it appears;

She is truly the one who's falling,

Falling farther from her tears.

Little girl, she cannot stop,

The world has turned against her:

Everyone one is pointing, staring,

Thankful that they are not her.

She is at the bottom of her life,

Nothing is as it should be.

You can her screams into her pillow,

"Why, dear God?! Why me?!"

Little girl, all is not lost,

There is a light at the end:

There is someone who never forgot you,

It's me, your true friend.

The world does not hate you,

It is not all that you believe;

It is trying to make you stronger,

Trying to make you see.

Little girl, please believe me,

I will never let you down.

I will put you upon my shoulders,

Bring you to renown.

You are not lost, not to me,

You are stronger than you know.

You'll pull yourself out of this pit,

I can't let you stay that low.

Little girl, living in your world,

Everything will soon be right.

Have faith, that's all I ask,

For you are a star, shining bright.