And now that I've hung up
and reminisce in silence,
there is no lingering sadness.
There's a small smile on my face
that I can't push away,
though slightly bittersweet,
it is a genuine smile nonetheless.
I let the memories wash over me
like a blanket of comfort
and for a minute, things
are good and right in this world,
and I will be happy, if only for that moment,
and that's okay with me...
There is no urge to cry or scream,
no urge to sing the rage,
no wishes for someone, a body to hold,
but rather, I am in ecstacy, if only in my mind,
as I feel the happiness that once was mine
and all I can do is hope to find it once again.
Through the static and through the wires,
his voice- it enveloped me,
and created a haven in which I'm protected.
Unbridled laughs and unseen smiled
are my treasures there.
I want theses moments again,
I love these moments forever,
and I know that nothing has subsided.