Twisting and tighting their coil

The leaves of ivy wrap themselves on her arms

She is constricted to their grasp of green

They poison the very souls

And she is their vessel

Letting them reach out and give the kiss of decay

On those who turn away

From nature

For no one defies her will

Her will of power among the

Poison Ivy


On the vine red flowers bloom

So tempting

So red and luscious, dark as blood

Temptress Poison Ivy


Piercing eyes of blue

Highlighted by the bountiful green

She calls to the many promising heart's desire

Igniting the imagination before dousing hopes

Flaming Poison Ivy


Bold colors show

As you stand in the wake of her foliage

Embed beneath shrubby

Hidden and awaiting you to unleash her misread love

Ready to pounce on the on the innocent of heart

Playing her complexion coy

Misguiding Poison Ivy


Her own

Wrapped in creatures; the foliage

The only ones who understand her

She laughs wildly and they get the joke

Not even the victims know

Secretive Poison Ivy


They all fall under...

They all bow low to...

They all fade beneath her soon one with the plants...

They all decay around...

Elegant grace, beauty, and toxic...

o-o-o-Poison Ivy-o-o-o

Danger in the garden of eden