Its amazing to say

That I wake up each day

To a world so cold and bare

A head dark and empty

Yet thinking about plenty

To have thoughts and emotions going spare

From slumber I wake

Waking, one of many mistakes

As emotions seem dulled whilst in sleep

For the pain is too much

Whilst awake, and such

That these senses dulled I long to keep

Often I wonder

And often in plunder

Why I was made this way

A corpse of my former

A soul only dormant

Forever destined to stay.

In the glass I do look

Another mistake for the book

And cry for what I do see

This symbol of hate

And cruel bitter fate

The monster of self. Me

Its hard to just live

Barely, just live

When not liking what you see

You give an impression

When you fear ones reflection

And no one ever likes what they see

No heads do I turn

There's no need to learn

That alone is a word to befriend

Alone, but a word

But such an ugly word

And together, word and self, to the end