Bored of boring people

Normal people

Are just a bore

No feelings or opinions

That you haven't heard before

They walk around in a daze

Wondering what other people might say

They look so similar

They all talk the same

Constantly wondering what other people might say

They look in the mirror

I swear every minute

Care what they look like at least as an image

In a picture they all look perfect

All like pretty angels

Their face gleam because they know that they'll be ok

That they'll look the same

As the one before them and they look at me

And for once I am yet again thankful

For being me and not them

I am so happy that im not the same

And I have my own thoughts

And people value you me from the rest of the crowd

Because unlike the normal person

I wont let anyone down.

And for once I want them to except me

And I don't care if they don't like me

Because I am different

And im not talking about the clothes I wear

I might dress like a punk

But that is not getting me anywhere

Im on about my mind, and what I have to say

I respect what they have to say

So why shouldn't they?

They buzz past me just like a swarm of bees

Everyone looking the same

All following a queen

They all spoke as if they were one

And not the 13 they are

They are like the herders

And everyone else or the sheep

The follow like the pied piper

Is playing his tune again

And again I say im grateful

For once being me

For not being so insecure

I have to follow them

I have my own life and my own friends

And for that I wont ever be sorry

So do what you want for the next

2 years because after that

You are going to be the one in trouble

Because I believe you is not worth me effort

To even care about

I'd always rather be me.

Till the end of time.