What goes on behind those eyes of gold and red,
That makes beauty grasp her bronze goddess hips,
Shudder then turn a gentle pink, shaking her head
And sensually with ivory teeth bite her cherry lips?

Blood and sweat dripping down from every thought,
She averts her dirty mind from him to end her sins
She's been taught that saccharine passion is naught
But indulging the devil, cheering him on as he grins.

As a snake twists around her breasts, holding tight,
Every intake of breath makes her a little more fragile
The pain grows, her ribcage is crushed without a fight.
Feeling his thoughts upon her body, she cannot smile.

There is a promise of sordid pleasure behind his eyes
So tempting she can only hope her legs let her run
Because something's burning between her softthighs
And her hands moistenas she's coming undone.

The heat of the sun and the dust of desert ground
Don't slow down the beating of her feeble heart.
Wishing for an oasis with only a face to be found,
Every grain of sand reminds her of his sinful art.

She knows sins come at little cost, no extra fares
And pleasure denied is desire increased infinitely
So just once more into the dark twilight she dares
To make an altar to lust, with another join her body.

AN: Lol…I just thought there was not a single poem really about sex, maybe a few, but very little about experiencing lust…why don't people think it's poetic? I could go on for ages about it, there's so much to write. Hope this wasn't distasteful or rude…the title is pure plagiarism off a Doors song which I happen to love (wooot for the Doors!)