The Ballad of Leila

There once was a girl named Leila

With blue eyes tinted green

This was no ordinary Indian girl

She sought out new worlds unseen

This girl, Leila was very rich

She was very well dressed

Her hair was always perfect

Her room never messed

Leila was very curious

She had never been poor

So when she heard about a ship to America

And people being poor she stepped out the door

Her family disagreed

They told her "Please Stay"

But she ignored their words of wisdom

And she went on her way

Life on the ship was very hard

For Leila almost unbearable

The food sucked; the crew was rude

And all the nights were tearable

Eight months past

A second before

They wanted to give up

But they sighted shore

This new world was weird

Something Leila had never seen before

Her mind went wild

As she stepped up on the shore

The people of the new world were nice

Even when Leila was stressed

Leila couldn't stop herself from saying

"God has made me blessed"

Leila liked the new world

So she thought to herself and said

I think I might live here

Till the day I'm dead

She followed her wodr

And this she did do

Leila lived in America

Till the old age of eighty-two