AN: I had a happy Angry day today! Bleh here ya go.

One more word

Just one more

And I'll shatter

Into a million tiny pieces

Pieces that can't be put together

Pieces I don't want back together.

If it was meant that way

I wouldn't have shattered in the first place

Silence threatens the secrets

To much time alone

Leads to crimson parties

The only time I can be myself

The only time.

Falling deeper into the wound


They crave existence

They crave they say

They crave they say

Grasp my arm with a death grip

No pun intended

Whisper guilt to my shame

Shame the guilt that lingers

What a pretty color

Bloody fingers

Sit still

It will only hurt for a minute

Forever they crave

Blood thirsty

With a vengeance

It will get better this

It will get better that

Tell me when it's better

I'll be hanging in my closet

For safe keeping

Swaying side to side

Like trees

Pretty red trees

Leaves falling rapidly to the floor

Tell the world

Tell the world.

Of the quiet rivers

Silent on the hard wood

Cold to the touch now

Was once warm like your wrist

Be careful with the mop

It's hard to wash blood out.

Smile, ear to ear

Time for spring cleaning

Start with my closet

It holds a surprise for you.