Running To You by writerforever

Things have been hard for me

I have been going through a dry desert

And for so long I had given up hope

I felt as if no one cared

I thought that I had lost everything

My heart was aching

Facing each new day brought fear to my heart

Facing each hour of a day brought pain inside my very soul

People said that I should be glad

People said that I should be more thankful for my life

People said that I wasn't acting right

But they didn't know the pain within my heart

They didn't know that I felt so all alone

They didn't know that my life was a mess

But You knew Jesus

You knew that I had given up on You

But then in my sadness and despair

I had no one else to turn to but You

I was hurting inside

And I felt so alone

And I needed to run to You, Jesus

I longed for Your warm embrace

I longed to feel Your touch once again

All I had to offer You was my shame and guilt

But You did not turn me away

You whispered in my ear "I am here always"

And now I feel alive again

Now I feel safe and secure

You wiped the tears from my face

And washed my despair and pain away

Now I know that I can always run to You