Chew, chew these heremetic seeds
as the morose state of mind elevates
from the shroud. This shroud so
ill-spent that time - in this haze was
a myriad - and a bleak mind was set
ablaze; the fullest anguish abounded.

Pop, pop the chemicals as the body
starts to shake these abtruse walls;
too unbearable to dismount at all.
The incidental endurances seem
to fade away and bliss illuminates;
mind and body - fully aware now.
What seems real in this sedating
whirlwind is unknown... to myself.
Tears and tears needing to abrade,
feeling like kerosene burning what
existed and what was always real
and substantial for obstacles taken.

Sniff, sniff these sandy crystals; to
make strung-out time be altered to
everlasting speed beyond knowledge.
Unravel myself from familiar vines
that hold a impetuous grip on me.
And now my mind lay in heaps,
scattered, impaired here and there.
Pick up these remnants and leave
the whirlwind to regain what was left
behind in a perpetual way of trails.

A/N: Yes I am a drug addict. :p Kidding. I can relate to some parts in this but basically it is about my mind being trapped in a cage and unable to get myself out of at; as you have all seen that my updates are rare. Now you all know why shrugs and sighs I'm still not impressed as always but this will do.