Chapter 1

Hey there reader! My name is Dina Johnson, or DJ for short, and I am probably one of the worst narrators ever. I mean, my brain's so full of crap right now, but hey! I just feel that I HAD to tell my story. But then again, it isn't really my story, it's more of my friend's story. But she's not really my friend. She probably doesn't even know me. I'm like one of the biggest losers in my school so yeah. On the other hand, she's kind of a bigger loser than me – I mean, she's not really, well, ugly or anything. She's actually kind of pretty, but she's just weird! She sits all by herself at lunch, usually reading God-knows-what, eating her apple and minding her own business.

But, enough about her. Let's talk about me for the time being. Trust me, you'll hear a LOT more about her later.

Anyway, it all started at the beginning of eighth grade year when my mom caught me making myself puke in the kitchen sink. I know, I know: ew! But you gotta put yourself in my shoes! I used to be really fat, and all the kids made fun of me. Plus, I felt that I wasn't really normal cause I didn't have a dad. He walked on my mom and me when I was a baby. So, as you can see, I was miserable. Then, I saw this thing on VH1 about celebs making themselves puke to look good, and I thought, "Hey! What's wrong with a little puking session?" I figured I could make myself puke only until I looked good enough, but – stupid idea. Apparently, my therapist told me, people with anorexia tend to think that they're still fat even though they're as skinny as sticks – but I didn't know that at the time, so I kept going.

Anyway, when my mom caught me, she freaked out and decided to put me on rehab. Later that year, she watched me like a freakin' hawk and helped me with my homework every night. She told me that she had to do this because she wanted me to get accepted into this elite all-girls' school that she used to go to when she was in high school.

Imagine my reaction. An all-girls' school? As if I wasn't that big of a loser already! Not only was I a loser, but I was gonna turn into a nerd! Ugh! I had this whole awful picture in my mind of what all-girls' school would be like: books, nerds, and what else – lesbians! Of course, I couldn't have been more wrong, but back then, I was freakin' out!

But, my mom was determined, and when she's determined, there's no stopping her. No matter how much I whined, screamed, and threatened to kill myself, she still kept on helping me study. I even told her that it's hopeless to try to get me into a Catholic high school cause I was stupid as hell. But she said that I had "potential" and can be really smart if only I tried. Good old mom. I swear, if it wasn't for her, I'd be dead by now.

So, when entrance exams for Catholic high schools came, I was the first to register at St. Mary's High School. Surprisingly, I got in! Guess mom's right. She was really happy when she found out, and I have to admit – I was actually kinda happy too. I've never really worked hard for anything else in my life. I guess I could be smart if I really tried.

Graduation came, and I was so glad to finally get out of that place they call a school. It was more of a dumpster than a school, and the kids in it were the trash in the dumpster. The summer passed on, without anything interesting happening, unless you count summer school as interesting. I had to take all these preparatory courses cause I didn't do so well in my entrance exams. You know, I always wondered how I got here in St. Mary's if I didn't do well in my exams. I guess the sisters had faith in me.

So, that's the first part of my story. That's how I ended up here in St. Mary's, where all the boring, nerdy lesbians go. I started the first day of school, thinking how dull and totally uneventless my year was gonna be. And boy, was I in for some surprises.

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