I reflect upon my wretched life

My perfect life

I'm an actor on a stage

One messed up, bitter teen

In a sea ofblank, uncaringfaces.

What happened to the smiling child I used to be?

The grinning innocence in all the photos?

It drowned in my vermilion scars

Flowing with liquid hatred.

The blood poured from open sores

The innocence of a child

Gone along with the love for life

It left on the wings of a dove

Away from the crimson sea

Destroying everything

A sweeping sea of destruction.

Evil personified

How can I live

Let me die

Just like the inner child

In a pool of liquid sanguine.

Strawberry gashes of pure perfection

Gashes to end it all

My ruby sorrow

My scarlet death.

Come on wings of bittersweet carmine

I deserve to die

Drown the mask of purest innocence

Break its delicate wings

Wring its neck with vermilion gashes

My death, my sweet bloody death

My strawberry end.

A/N - Not one of my best by far, but I wrote it to stop myself turning to the blade so its raw emotion.

Yours in randomness!