Strawberry Gashes

Deep Cut hatred

Course with ruby

Drown the child

Innocent Laughter

Of my inner child

Hear its vermilion death.

Strawberry Gashes

Decorate my wrist

A totem of my destruction.

Lose the mask

Of innocent love

Drown it with my child.

Cut deeply dear knife

Cut deeply

Hear the distant voice cry

Fresh Strawberries

Fresh Strawberries

Evermore strawberry gashes

Purge the evil

Drown my child

Leave my empty shell.

Strawberry Gashes

Clutch at my body

Freedom give me freedom

End it all

Sweet Strawberry Gashes of sorrow

Cut deeply dear knife

Cut deeply

Strawberry Gashes forever.

A/N Not one of my best I dont think, its raw emotion written to try and prove the old saying true that the pen is mighter then the blade.

I have played with the title of a Jack Off Jill song as well as a kinda parody at the end of Strawberry Fields forever.

Yours in randomness!