"Wake up" shrilled Lyn from the bottom of the wide twisting staircase that was the centre piece of the whole house. I knew this was aimed at me but I could not help but put the old raggedy pillow back over my head and fall into yet another slumber. My eyes closed automatically as if I were a robot and my mind drifted into the subconscious. I could hear Lyn's fingers rapping against the pine wood waiting for my weary body to appear from my bedroom door. Slowly I got up. Knowing today was going to be as great as the one before and again as the one before that. Yes right. It was a Wednesday morning and at 5am my whole state of mind was probably deteriorated to 6 years old over night.

My tired body slowly rose from the inviting bed and unfortunately stumbled towards the opening that was my bedroom door. It was usually kept shut but on this morning my younger sister Ryan had, had a nightmare and had come looking for any sense of comfort. Yes Lyn slept through that. My black room only lit by the blue wall lights looked like a dungeon rather than a bedroom but I liked it. The glare of the hallway was not as inviting. It stung my poorly adapted eyes and my skin beat wit the heat of the 2 open fires that burnt eagerly around the hall. Lyn was my older sister. Her blonde streaked hair and her pale blue eyes gleamed with eagerness to get on with the readily approaching school day. It was because of her that I had to drag myself out of bed at 5AM to watch a fitness video. I am slim and have a toned body and to that I owe her thanks but still waking up at 5am is never a good thing.

"Your up then"inquired Lyn almost expecting a sarcastic comment

"no of course I'm not I am just walking and talking to you because I'm asleep!!" My eyes sparkled with the satisfaction that I had just annoyed her.

"its been a year you know, you are going to have to except it. I don't like it but it wasn't my choice." Her voice rang in my ears. That was unfair. Why did everything I do have to evolve around my mum dying last year? Yes I do hate the fact that Lyn now is my sister and fake mother but what I don't need is her telling me every day that I have to get over it.

"Well your not my mother and never will be your just a fake jerk who can only see her boyfriend on weekends because he has 3 other girlfriends that you know of you are a slag" As soon as I had said that I knew I had made a mistake. Her face went pale and her breathing became short and shallow. Then tears started rolling down her face. An incontrollable waterfall of tears that stained her cheeks. She stumbled towards the sofa where she slumped down and sat crying. I could do nothing but stare at her in bewilderment. She had never cried like this before not even when mother died. I asked her what was wrong. My voice was filled with sympathy but my heart was angry what could have been more important than mother? Just then I realised it was probably her boyfriend and yes it was. He had dumped her the other day. The tears kept on tumbling. Her eyes were red. It was 8 am and we all had to get to school. It was an army school. The uniform was good. Black. Lyn wasn't going in today she went to wake Ryan from her deep slumber in my room.

Then the telephone rang. It was the doctor. "is Lyn there". I answered no. "can I help". "Tell her from me that she is……….. " pregnant how could she be pregnant?