I've written words before about the dreamdust
way that time entrusted that night to our young hearts
so fresh so first unfolding of new green grass shooting
for the sky
even though it was autumn (the season was worthwhile)
and some could have called it inappropriate, unneccessary-
but the heart doesn't conform to assumptions, expectations
and always plays the unpredicted score

it was raining, like other nights later
but that was the first time and we were alone
in a crowd sleepy with latenight longhour langour
while I sank wide-eyed to your arms and lost
my heart to you when the passing streetlights
shone your face and bluefaith eyes in and out of shadow

how long did I stare, did you stare; time was irrelevant
a concept for daylight and sundial shinings,
not for late hour rainstorms first fallings and eyes like the ocean
you caught and since then, all that time ago like last night to me
the rain only reminds me of you
and the first time you made me see.