and the smooth wave curve of your collarbone
draws my lips to your skin
some simple form of praise and in my mind
my soul keeps sighing thank you in ghost whispers
so that you don't hear me speak it too many times
and realize how much I've been in starving need
for moments like this

and tomorrow when time has winged away
you'll be thinking that I'm a nice girl but you're
not that crazy about me
which is okay I think
because we can't have each other anyway
and after the elusiveness (the way my eyes
shine then hide) you just want something you can keep
and hold through all the long nights
(in the end it's always been me shining away
too difficult to really see)

you will sigh softly in your sleep as you breathe
life on the back of my neck and unawares
tighten your arms about me
while I lay awake in night's timeless impression
afraid to sleep and not remember this
worried to forget any detail because I already know
that it won't happen again, that I will miss you more
and that you won't remember me quite right.

when your voice escaped you
as I pressed my soul print into your collarbone
I was thinking of your pale ocean eyes
and how I stealstare seconds to dive into them
when I think you are distracted and unsuspecting
because I don't want you to be scared off
by the poet's soul that makes me want you
want to watch you and translate it
to aspirations of grace like the
pale skin smooth wave curve of your collarbone
like my lips on your skin.