with these other thoughts splitting down hairs
like the centre unfolding on some lateral, longitudinal plane
minute and did you know I wanted the thought
to be mine, wanted to keep it when it came to me
and embrace its potential its leaking moment of reward
that could be and the tumbled shapes we lead
we could lead them together if you think it is
a good idea, a good idea like worth the movement
and the inbetween tension it would take to express
the potentials of this thought that I turned from
as soon as I met it sneaking the alleys in my mind,

leaving shimmer shadows where it passed as though
it was some faerie I would want to chase down (I do like the shine)
because of the way it left the vicinity seconds before I arrived
so that I didn't find myself out, stop therefore lose the game.
splitting phrases paces and your presence I want to take it away
this thought, hide myself from the words
that would come out of it: would you? do you maybe? embrace
the thought before I let it go