Just One More Hour

Just one more hour, I can't make it through

Without my savior, my lord to ease my pain

Miserable, cold, and dismal is how I've become

I need you, more than ever, to make me whole again

This horrible void in my life, God save me

It's tearing me up; the world spins maniacally

I can't give up; I won't give in

Just one more hour left until I surrender

I refuse to pass on and greet the Lord

With this disgraceful habit of mine

I need it now

I can't take the pain; it burns; it chills

Mortification sinks it's thin, sharp fangs into my soul

Slowly, the venom seeps through my veins

Regret now runs through my sinful blood

I'm just not Christian enough for this

I can't beat it; I'm not worthy

Sin now flows through my feeble veins

I need distraction from the horrible demons

That execute this anguish upon me

It all started out so innocently; I needed it for a while

But a while turned into a long time

And a long time seemed to turn to forever

Please, awful addiction of mine, depart

And never return

Just one more hour

And I couldn't make it

Tragically Just

Alas, dear sow, I'm back again

Yes, it's me; you remember me

I slither through your shriveled veins all leading to

Your shriveled heart

How cold you have become

How cold you always have been

So hateful, so cruel, so cynical

Not even bothering to stop for one tiny instant

And consider what others might be experiencing

You don't care

So I don't care

Heh, I cackle at your mortification

Your regret, your anguish, they drive me through your sinful soul

How corrupt you have become

How corrupt you have always been

How tragically you fail to resist the temptation

Me, your savior, your powerful pain-killer

I shall save you from your perfect mindset

Your perfect perception of where you will be

When I finally kill you

And believe me, I will

In one way or another

So go on, take it; grab the syringe

Find your vain; easy now, it's not a contest

Stab, my victim, stab that needle through your skin

Penetrate the fair, wrinkly skin that you feel makes you "superior"

Good, now press down; unharness the madness within

Let me take you over

Let me fool you

Let me kill you

And to think you had

Just one more hour

But look at that

You lost it, and you couldn't take the excruciating pain

How tragic, it seems

How depressing, it seems

How just, it is