Dragonworld: Skyland Adventure
Episode 1
Evil Has Its Plans
Kanko's Letter from Home

Candles littered the darkened room. A figure shrouded behind a silken curtain sat amont many cushions.

"Once again, one of my children have failed," this dark voice said, "Who will attempt my next challenge?"

"I shall..." a figure stepped out of the shadows. She was tall, grey skinned, well built for her race, light grey hair tipped black reached to the small of her back. A dark grey tank top clung to her large chest and defined abdomen, what little wasn't shown already, a skirt of identical color hung on her hips, down to the middle of her upper legs. Black boots covered her feet, those of which that clicked against the marble floor. Red, glissening eyes stared at the figure, black feathered raven wings were folded behind her.

"Fine, Akutenshi, here is your mission. You shall take over the Skyland Kingdom, and assassinate the traitor," the figure said, "Now fly, my raven hybrid."

"Yes master, I shall not fail you like the last two." she bowed, spreading her large black wings, and flew off to begin her mission. She was determined to show that she was the best, especially since her main rival was her target.

"Elen sila lumenn omentilmo. Cormamin niuve tenna ta elea lle au." (A star shall shine on the hour of our meeting. My heart shall weep until it sees thee again.) Kanko said in an ancient language. She pulled out a small, white, flute-like instrument and began to play. The soft sound comming from the instrument seemed to command the wind, as it began to blow gently, swirlling small, soft pink cherry blossoms around her in a whirlwind. She played on until she heard a cry, like that of a falcon. Looking up, her eyes locked onto a falcon/human hybrid flying at great speed towards her.

"Viento!" Kanko cried out, the hybrid slowed and landed at her feet, bowing. He stood and folded his massive brown and white wings behind him.

"Oio naa elealla alasse' Kanko." (Ever is thy sight a joy, Kanko.) he said, earning a pretty smile from the wind demon.

"Diola lle. Mankoi naa lle sinome?" (Thank you. Why are you here?) she asked and was immediately handed a letter, which had the wax seal of a king and queen on its white grains. "Mani naa ta?" (What is it?) The hybrid didn't answer, but took off into the blue skies, hovering long enough to yell out something to her before dissappearing.

"Vanya sulie, arwenamin!" (Fair winds, my lady!) The wind demon sighed and opened the letter, lime green eyes scanning over the strange looking symbols scratched onto the paper in black ink.

"Oh great gods above," she gasped, and turned around to run off, "Shenlong! Chara! Kikitako! Cirus!" She ran to the direction of the library, where the others were sure to be.

Dear Kanko,

Greetings from your homeland of Skyland. We request your immediate return back to the cirrus clouds, since your mission to unlock the great guardian is compleate. We cannot wait until you arrive back home.

With love,
King Galen and Queen Galina

"That is basically what it reads." Kanko said, laying the letter down on the table. Shenlong, Chara, Kikitako, and Cirus all sat there in the library at the long, cherry-finished table, staring at her in shock.

"Y-You're the princess of Skyland?!" Kikitako exclaimed, first to get over the shock enough to speak. Kanko nodded curtly, hands clasped in front of her.

"Yes, I am. Sadly, it seems I must take my leave back tomy homeland as soon as possible." she answered, Shenlong and the others finally got over the shock.

"Maybe we could go with you, I've always wanted to see what Skyland looks like. All my life I've only seen pictures of what it looks like, and I wanna experience it first hand!" Shenlong sugjested, a smile appeared on the raven-haired wind demon's face.

"Okay, I shall send a message for the ride there." she said, Chara broke in, arms crossed over her chest, eyes opening to look into Kanko's lime green ones.

"Why don't we just use Shenlong's dragons, that would be much easier." she said dully, Cirus closed a book he had been reading and removed his reading glasses, folding them up so he could put them back in their case.

"The only way we can reach the highest kingdom is by way of the Skyland Kingdom's Sparroways. Those are the only creatures that won't tire half way up to the clouds. Not to mention we would get there faster." he corrected her, earning a heavy sigh and a pair of blue eyes rolled in defeat.

"Who knew the Heavyblade master was such a scholar." Kikitako commented, leeching onto his arm. This caused the pale orange-haired prince to blush.

"So it's settled," Shenlong said, before Chara could start an argument with the blond gunslinger across from her, "We're going to Skyland!"

"I shall tell them to come tomorrow then. If you need me, you may find me in the central courtyard. Good evening everyone." Kanko bowed politely and walked off. The others followed, going their own ways until dinner.