Hello! This was written by one of my dear friends who's at … so yeah. This was an English assignment and she chose me as her main character. She gave me permission to post this for her, so here it is. Constructive criticism, please!


"Please consider it a last request for a dying man!" begged Steven, for he was madly in love with Katrina.

"I'm sorry, Steve. I love Trip. I couldn't possibly do something so despicable!"

"You don't have to completely break it off. Come on, Trip will understand! Please, I've tried all three years to get up the nerve to ask you to be my girlfriend. When my mom told me we would be moving, I finally came to my senses! I can't move out of state without trying to win over the girl of my dreams," Steve pleaded.

And so it started. Katrina seemed to have been won over by Steven. To all appearances, she broke all relations with her high school sweetheart: Trip. Katrina was a mysterious girl. She excelled in her studies, she had many of her writings published in books, and had a perfect boyfriend.

Or should we say two perfect boyfriends. Trip believed all the while his far Kat loved him and only him. So when she told him the hilarious story of Steven pleading with her, he truly didn't care. No one would touch his woman; she loved him too much for something like that. Of all the insane ideas!!

Yet all of them were deceived, for a conspiracy was hatched within the mysterious girl:

Dearest Diary,

I almost feel bad. Steven asked me to homecoming! But so has Trip. Maybe I'll talk to Josh and Isis; we can get the group together and all go out. It'll work out. I mean, I can shove Trip off to the side because there will be enough people that I can be occupied with the others. And Steven! Please! He will be the easiest to throw off. I mean, we barely hold hands when he walkes me to classes! We've been going out for three months and he has never atkane me out on a date! Hell, we have never kissed! Either he is truly pathetyic or gay … but I have to remember he did kiss that one guy a couple of months ago, "claiming" he was experimenting. I swear, next time some stupid idot asks me out, I don't care how caring I am feeling. I mean, seriously, Steven isn't even good-looking!! For god's sake, he is afraid to take a shower, and his hair looks like he just rolled out of bed. Anyways, Trip is here. We are going to go see Ocean's Twelve. HMM … Brad Pitt is soo hot!!



It was a miracle Steven and Trip never found out that the other was going out with the woman they though was theirs and theirs alone.

Katrina, around January, made her mistake and her mysteriousness was lost. She told Nicole, her very good friend who was known to be sarcastic and a little crazy, that she had never broken up with Trip. As much of a friend Nicole was, she had morals and a boyfriend whom she loved very much, and the mere idea of her one love doing something like that disturbed her. So every once in a while she would drop hints to Steven in a sarcastic manor; whether or not Steven believed her was his choice.

The day came when Trip found out in early May. He became enraged, flinging things everywhere, kicking the bed, throwing the lamp. When Katrina attempted to calm him, he lashed out and full-fist hit her. He only calmed down later when he saw her crying. Knowing her history of abuse, he felt immediate grief. To think he promised her that he would never become her mom's ex-husband and attack her.

"Oh my god! Katrina, baby, I am so sorry! I never meant to hit you. Please come here and let me get some ice on your eye." Trip then carefully walked to her. Kat, reliving the past at that moment, only saw her step-dad stalking her.

"No! Please don't! I promise I won't ever do it again, please! I won't tell mom!!"

"Kitty Kat, it's Trip. I love you, please, I won't hit you, just come here. Please, I love you, babe." Trip said, kneeling down to her level, as she was crouched in the corner of his closet, the farthest away from him she would be. "Here, sweetie, it's just a bag of ice. I'm sorry, I … Jesus … I can't believe you would do this to me. We talked about Steven. You said he was a pathetic fool! Damn, Kat, I thought you loved me. We made plans to go abroad this summer! How! Why … wasn't I good enough for you? What the hell does STEVEN have that I don't?" exclaimed Trip, still trying to get his point across without scaring Katrina even more. "I mean, do I not have enough pimples? Did I not wet the bed enough when I was younter? WHAT, FUCKING TELL ME!"

Kat sat there in silence, still tucked into the corner, her eye swelling to the point she couldn't see out of it any longer.

"Fine, you want to be a whore, go ahead. I'm out of here." Trip said, staring down at her. Then, he took out his wallet and threw fifty-seven dollars at her. "You can bill me the rest. God, I'm so fucking broke all the months with you --- let yourself out."

For weeks that was the last Katrina heard of Trip. She finally steeled her nerves and told Steven the whole truth when he noticed her black eye. It stood noticed that stark contrast between her two lovers. Where Trip was angry and violent, Steven was calm and very pacified. Steve accepted it with no problems. He didn't even break off their ties to each other. Though he did feel extremely heart broken, he would love her no matter what happened in their relationship. Many thought this odd.

The Monday after her fight with Trip, Katrina saw Nicole. Nicole, in immediate concern for her friend, asked all the questions Katrina couldn't answer. Yet one things of all Katrina's friends agreed upon, and even Xavier, Nicole's boyfriend who hated Kat, all made the unanimous vote upon three things:

1) Katrina deserved better

2) Steven, supposedly being the decent boyfriend, should kick Trip's ass

3) Katrina, while it was still being wrong, deserved it for cheating on her boyfriends.

Sadly, this story is based on the truth of certain classmates. The story, will still continuing, does not end well for any involved. Steven ended up moving, leaving his broken heart with Katrina. As for Trip and Katrina, they still went with their group to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. While in Fiji, Katrina and Trip go back together.