A/N: Whoo hoo!! Writer's block is no more!! Anyway, forgive me if this poem doesn't compare to my other poems – I'm a bit rusty on writing. So, yeah. Don't be too mean when reviewing. Um, this poem was written for the sole purpose of helping me get through an issue that's arisen, so it is a bit more personal than others … so if you intend on flaming this piece, you better have a really good backing-up … 'cause yeah. You know me … J/m! Moving on, enjoy this piece and PLEASE REVIEW!! –Damaged—


How do you live a lie

And pray to find the truth

When all you do is lie again

And beg someone will love you?

What is life if not worth living?

Is there a purpose to all this pain?

Yet you walk down those same streets

You continue playing your game

You smile and hide what's inside

You dance across the room

But, it soon will end, this masquerade

It's time to embrace your doom

After all the hurt and misery

There's a price to be paid

The heartache and the lies will be revealed

The very mask of your façade

You wonder why they despise you

And what you did to deserve this

Just like inside of your heart

And remember the treacherous kiss

Cry and say you're alright

Time will mend the pain

The scars will soon be invisible

You'll acquire a new name

You'll play it out once again

Twisting the truth with your lies

But yet you cannot hide

The truth is in your lying eyes

Inside he'll see your fantasy

And realize that you're fake

He'll run away and forget your face

His heart, he won't let you break

Embrace being alone, child

And forget about the price you've paid

For all good things must come to an end

Including your masquerade

Your lie is detected and revealed

Your fame has become known

Embrace the torment inside your mind

You're better off alone