We Can Imagine

You don't have to ask,
I don't have to tell,
And neither has to say a word;
We know each other well.

I can imagine you: dark black hair,
Speaking in tongues as rough as the sand,
Whispering quiet promises as we walk,
Hand in hand.

You can imagine me: light brown hair,
Lips as soft as feathers, cool as snow,
Brushing against your body like the wind;
I know.

I could imagine you: light blonde hair,
Speaking with a voice from a faraway land.
I saw your smile once in a dream;
I held your hand.

So we can imagine anything.
But do we know the truth?
No, but I pray that someday, when we do,
I'll be happy with what I have found in you,
And not yearn for the you
Of my present view,
And that you would do so, too.

Author's Notes: A little ditty about online friendship, for a dear friend of mine of many years. Wrote this a while ago, as you can see. And furthermore, I don't care if it sucks. ::self-satisfied smile:: Thanks for reading!
Date of Composition: December 28, 2004

Much love for t3h budd0rz! ::grin::