Author's Note:

And here I am again with another love story. If you've read my Oh Captain, my Captain and liked it, I hope you'll like this one too coz the genre's basically the same, but of course with a widdle twist ;). Well, I'm done talking. Hope you leave a review of what you think. Thanks a lot for reading! ;)


Three years ago…

"Hey, look at this Caden," Allie took a flyer from the box beside the Calendar of Events billboard to show her boyfriend. "There's a student government assembly this afternoon in the College Quad. They'll be talking about improving the school's curriculum and getting the students more socially active—"

Caden was busy reading a poster on the board himself. "Maybe we can attend the Junior Debate Seminar after lunch before we go to that assembly. Look," he checked his watch on the free arm that wasn't looped around Allie's waist, "we can just make the assembly if we finish with the Debate Team early."

Allie sighed excitedly. "Can you believe we made it?" she asked. "We're finally in college!" They walked down the hall, carrying their respective load of books. "There's so much to do. We'll have the power to change the way they do things around here someday."

Caden chuckled. "That's the Future Head of the Student Government speaking," he teased.

She mocked a big grin at him and pinched him in the side. "Someday," she grinned. "At least I know I'll have one vote," she said, leaning up to kiss him.

He feigned ignorance. "Oh yeah? From whom?" he asked expectantly.

Allie shot him a grotesque look and he chuckled as he leaned down to kiss her.

"Whoops—," somebody coming out of a doorway almost bumped into them. "S-sorry," she shook her black hair out of her eyes.

"Oh it's no problem," Allie nodded at her with a smile. "Are you a freshman here too?"

"Uh yeah," the girl nodded awkwardly.

"Oh my GOD it's the Nerd Squad!" a loud haughty voice called from down the hall.

Caden and Allie both turned glares at the group of guys walking towards them.

"Hey, didn't we ditch you in high school, geeks?"

"Making trouble again so early in the school year, Williams?" Caden asked wryly the familiar-looking guy front and center of the group of bullies.

Troy Williams grinned easily at the dorks as they continued to pass by, now ignoring them completely. Other students and even upper class females in the hall turned to watch the group of freshman hunks saunter down the hall, saluting and nodding greetings at people they passed, surrounded by this air you just know is conceit and arrogance.

"They're baaaaaack," Mike Caplan, the last guy in the group, turned around to give the "dorks" a disgusting facial expression before turning back to lag behind his posse headed over to hang with some letter-jacketed junior and senior jocks by the lockers who greeted them with easy high fives.

Allie rolled her eyes and pulled on Caden's arm in restraint as he looked like he was about ready to walk right up to them and do something uncharacteristic. "Leave it alone, Caden."

Instead he huffed and just muttered, "Jackass. They think they're so great…"

"Those guys are really morons," the girl with the black hair commented.

"Oh you wouldn't even go near them if you know what's good for you," Allie told her pointedly. "They're complete jerks."

The girl noticed the flyer Allie was holding and smiled, "You're going to the assembly this afternoon?"

Allie smiled back. "Yeah," she nodded. "Are you?"

The girl nodded again, her hair falling into her eyes. "It sounds really interesting," she replied. "I'm Nicola, by the way," she put her hand out to shake.

"Allie Alberts," Allie shook her hand. "This is Caden," she gestured to her boyfriend.

But Caden was preoccupied with other things. "Hey," he spoke up, "we're going to be late for Calculus. I've heard good things about the Math Professors here at DSV. This semester's going to be crucial."

"First we have to get through freshman year," Allie pointed out to both of them as the three now continued to stroll down the hall together, "then I'm sure Grad School will just roll on by before we know it. Then we'll have the time of our lives…"