Welcome to Encounters, this is a story that revolves around two teenagers as they go up against two powerful villains. The teenagers in this story both have super powers, Element controls the four main elements of Water, Wind, Fire, and Earth, while Cedric is the Element of Metal, able to manipulate forms on metal and use it offensively, or defensively.
This story is written by BOTH Anters, and dragonofraven. The characters encountered in this story come from both author's other stories, and both of us have agreed in this crossover story. Links to the stories the characters originally appear in are at the ending A/N. Hope you enjoy, and everything has been agreed on by both authors.


By: Anters and dragonofraven

Element scanned the city of Towerin from his view on the rooftop. Towerin was a large metropolis that was located on the western coast, next to a large sapphire ocean. Mountains surrounded the rest of the city to the north, east, and south. The southern parts of the city were suburbs, while the north side of Towerin was al business, and full of skyscrapers. After a while of gazing he stepped off his spot on the rooftop and started to fly into the city, and soon over busy and populated streets, thinking as he did. He was tracking down some of the toughest criminals he had ever faced to this city.

After a while of flying Element finally found what he was looking for, a bar. The sign on the front said "The Tower" and had a neon picture of a rectangular tower with a triangular shape above it and some other lights circling around the triangle. After he glanced at the sign to confirm the spot, Element opened the doors to the bar and walked in. The place wasn't that crowded, the bartender was busy cleaning mugs at alternate points from handing out drinks. With a quick look around, Element found who he was looking for, or at least guessed. The man was sitting up on one of the bar stools next to the bar. He held a glass of what looked like whiskey in his shaking hand, obviously he was very nervous. It was hard to tell what he looked like since he had a hooded coat, the hood covering his face. Element walked over and took the stool that was right next to him, only to be slightly pushed by the bartender as soon as he sat down.

"Hey! No minors sitting at the bar." His voice was slightly gruff as he stared annoyingly at Element.

Element looked back at him with a calm, curious, and a shrewd face. "Why not?"

The bartender looked back at him incredulously. "It's against the law here, now go sit down at a table."

Element's face didn't change one bit. "I don't see why it's against the law."

The bartender's face became even more irritated. "Because you might drink alcohol, and you should know why that's illegal for minors."

In a naive tone, Element continued his defense. "Are you going to serve me alcohol?"

The bartender was taken slightly aback. "Well, no..."

"Then I don't see what the problem is here." Element started to turn to the person sitting next to him when he was interrupted once more by the bartender.

"Hey, a law is a law and you need to move to a..."

Element turned his head to stare at the bartender, an intense look of challenge on his face and fire in his eyes, literally, there was streams of smoke curling from the corners of his eyes. "You want to make me?"

The bartender was silent after that, slowly turning around to continue cleaning the glasses, but was stopped halfway. "Oh, and I'll have a root beer." Element said. The bartender grumbled and walked to another part of the bar, returning with a bottle of root beer. Finally Element turned to speak to the person next to him, taking a sip from his drink as he did so. "Okay, what've you got?

The man stuttered as he spoke, "Um... a.. a w.. whiskey."

A small look of annoyance crossed Element's face for a second. "You know what I mean."

"I.. I'm not r.. really sure if I h.. have anything." The glass in his hand shook even more.

"You have something, don't try to fool me, you called me saying that you had something on these two, I want to know what it is." Element took another sip of his drink to help with his annoyance.

The man's voice shook more than it had before, making it an obvious effort for the guy to keep talking. "I.. I'm not s.. sure if I sh.. should s.. say anything, I m.. might g.. get..."

Relief flooded Element's face as he let out a sigh. "Is that it, you're worried that they'll take vengeance out on you?"

The man nodded his head.

Element laughed. "You don't have to worry, that's not like them, I've never heard of them hurting someone because someone gave another person information on them."

"On the other hand", he thought in his head, "the situation that someone actually gave out information of them has never actually come up."

"Besides, even if they would I'll probably get to you first, and I'm sure that they'll be gone pretty quick now."

The man gave a relieved sigh, the grip on his drink lightening as he started to talk in a less shaky voice. "O.. okay, all that I know is that they've been here for about a week, and every place they hit was near the park, you know, the big one near the T.S.C. building in the center of the business side of Towerin. That's all I know. Oh, and they're pretty powerful, they took down a whole squad of police without a sweat."

"I know how powerful they are." Element got up and started to walk away, stopping when he heard the voice behind him.

"And you're trying to take them out, knowing their power?"

A smirk, unseen by the guy at the bar, appeared on Element's face. "I'm pretty powerful myself." With that he stepped out of the bar and lifted off into the air once more.

Element flew walked the way towards the park, noticing the T.S.C. building in the night sky. As Element turned a corner, where a completely destroyed building stood. Elements couldn't tell what it was due to the fact that the sign on the front was completely destroyed. With a closer inspection on the inside it looked like the back wall was completely unharmed, but the frontal walls were completely obliterated. The side walls of the place had holes here and there, a few gashes, and once in a while a small crater. The front looked like there might have been an explosion or something like that, but on closer inspection the edges of the gigantic hole didn't seem as rough as an explosion; they were clean, smooth, like something cut it. The glass in the front wasn't even shattered, just one clean slash, cutting off a piece of it, although one window was shattered except for some of the outer edges, probably meaning that something, or somebody, was thrown through it.

Element turned away, not caring about what was stolen or what was even inside the building at all. All he cared about was trying to find the two villains he was searching for. Element continued on, turned another corner, and right in front of him was the park the man at the bar had mentioned. Element noticed a branch laying in the middle of the opening to the park, obviously a careless clue that suggested the two villains had gone into the park. Element headed into the big park, following the obvious signs of where the two had gone. Usually, he would have considered this a trap, but knowing the destruction that these two like to cause, he wasn't surprised, and besides, he'd take anything he could get his hands on if it meant taking these two down. The clues were simple, mostly footsteps in the grass and branches cut from the trees few and far between. After a few more minutes of following the signs Element heard voices some distance ahead of him. It was hard to make out, probably from the distance, but nevertheless Element slowly floated up a little and proceeded forward so as to not make any noise that might surrender his position.

After a little while the voices started to become clear. "It looks to me like some little kid wandered in on our little hiding place, wouldn't you say?" The voice was full of the mischievous air that would follow around some person who pulled pranks all the time, it also had the attitude of a rebel in it, but the thing that really identified it as the person Element had been tracing for a month was the subtle hint of evilness behind all the words.

Another voice arose in the air, the same tones as the first voice in it. "Mm-hmm, maybe we should send him on his way, or we could keep him here as our new little friend." The last part of that line had a sinister tone to it, painting an unpleasant thought in Element's head. Finally Element floating up to a well covered tree where he could sit on a large branch, but still see the situation.

There were three people, two on one side and one person standing across from them on the other side of a section of the park, a large azure blue lack next to them. The two people who had made the earlier comments were standing almost back to back, kind of leaning on each others sides. One of them was about eighteen years old, with a height of five' nine. His hair was a dark black in an odd fashion, the original style was a Mohawk, but the hair was long and kind of wispy, looking like regular hair that fell around his head until he pulled it back to reveal the Mohawk design, which Element knew he did often out of habit. His face was straight but not long, and had a thickness like it could almost be round, but not fat, and is just on the brink. He wore a suit of pure black armor, although at a closer glance you could see that there was something swirling inside of it, indicating it was made out of some kind of pure substance, probably shadows. The armor wasn't bulky in the least bit, in fact, it was very lean, and fit his body so well it was like he was wearing clothes.

The person next to him was another teen, older than the other, it was hard to tell if he was nineteen or just a really older eighteen year old, only a little while from nineteen, his height was around five' eleven. His hair wore the same shade of black and was a little shorter than the other guy's, the two bangs hanging down to frame his face, it was worn in a style that made him look a little bit Asian, where all the hairs hung down around his head edge to edge in the same curve as the ones framing his face, although they all still had the same kind of wispiness as the other guy's, although the person was obviously fully American. His face was rounder than the other guy's, but still lean in its own rights, with smooth skin without a blemish on it, of course, for the fact that his eyes were full of an intelligent evil. He wasn't wearing armor like the other guy, but had on a pure black t-shirt that was made out of some light material and was buttoned up. His pants jeans were really baggy, going over his shoes and the same black color as his shirt with chains dangling from the right side. He didn't look that powerful at first but Element knew that he was a force not to be trifled with, especially since he'd had a few battles with him before, the scars still slightly showing underneath his clothes.

At the other end of the area where the three people were was another teen. He was a tall teenager, about seventeen years old and has had dark brown hair that spiked like classic anime style. He wore a black cut out T-shirt, showing his muscular arms. He wore black shorts that went a little further then his knees, and wore black shoes, with sections of orange in them. In his hands he was tossing a small metal sphere. He looked serious and confident at what he was going to try and do ahead.

Element surveyed the scene in the park and started considering all the options that were laid before him.

As he stared across the clearing at the two odd looking criminals, Cedricthe teen tossing the chunk of metal, assessed what had happened in the last half-hour or so. When he'd seen the destroyed building he had easily connected it to the other ones that were destroyed, not by what was stolen, due to the fact that none of the stores and items in them could be identified because of the complete obliteration that had taken place, but because of the way the store was destroyed. All of them had the same kind of flawless cuts that at first looked like explosion, and so far he couldn't think of any other instances where a building was destroyed beyond recognition. Without the information of what the stores were, the only thing connecting them were that they were all close to the park, where Cedric guessed the criminals had to be. He'd guessed this a good while ago, but wanted to wait before he closed in on them, try and get a good feel of what these two could do and what they were all about. After a while of nothing, though, he just decided to attack after the next building destruction, which was tonight. The path of destruction through the forest was a little bit disturbing, but he'd dealt with worse before. It's very hard to say what happened when he entered the clearing, he found them, or they found him; it was kind of... chilling.

It was very hard to tell how powerful exactly these two were, he'd never really seen the like of them before. It was obvious who was more powerful, though, the guy in that odd armor. The other guy didn't really seem that powerful, considering his clothes, but Cedric knew how deceiving looks can be.

The guy in the armor started to respond to the comment the earlier guy had made. "... or we could keep him here as our little friend." Cedric didn't like the tone in his voice, but if they wanted to keep him here, they sure as hell will have to go through the fight of their life.

"What do you think we should play?" The other one started to walk away from the one with the armorslowly circling Cedric as the armored one started in the other direction. "Maybe a little game of catch, or hide-and-go-seek, that's a favorite of mine."

"Maybe..." The one in armor started as the two's paths crossed. "We could play Cops and Robbers, although I doubt he'd like how the robbers play." His right hand slowly started to inch its way to his shoulder.

Cedric caught the small metal ball in his hand and whipped it back in a throwing stance, the ball slowly started to change form into a disk, Cedric's hand glowing an orange color. "How about we play shut the hell up and fight?" Cedric said with a monotonous tone

A low chuckle came out of the armored one's mouth. "Well, it seems kind of unfair, especially when we do Cops and Robbers, the cops always seem to hate how we play. Isn't that right, Element?" He whipped his hand from his back, pulling out a sword that suddenly appeared from nowhere and slashing towards a grove of trees, making a slash of black energy come out of the sword and blast towards the tree. It hit the tree, but not before something jumped out, the top of the tree was cleanly cut off from where the dark slash hit it. When the thing from the tree hit the ground Cedric could clearly see make out its form.

It was a teen, probably around sixteen years old, if anything older. He was about six feet tall. His body was lean, not thin, but lean, his arms were slightly muscled, indicating that he probably had a six-pack beneath his shirt, but probably not a thick one, more regular and, lean. His shirt was white in color and buttoned up the middle like the other criminal and was also made out of a light material, on each side of the buttons was mirror images of a black dragon. His jeans were the same black color as the other criminal's, but it wasn't as baggy and revealed his shoes. Around his neck he wore a chain necklace, with very small linked chains, that held a dragon wrapped around a clear dark-blue orb on its end. He had short brown hair on his head and a handsome face, not as handsome as the other guy's but still handsome nonetheless, sitting on his nose was a pair of glasses, but unlike on other people it didn't look geeky or smart, it wasn't villainess in any way, it actually made him look more handsome, and also seemed to make him complete, like without them he wasn't... him. "Vince, Valshar, I'm not surprised you sensed me."

The non-armored criminal turned to the new arrival. "How long has it been, Element, since last we faced each other... one, two weeks?"

"You and I both know it was three, Vince, unless of course the beating I'd given you last time messed up your mind somehow." The corners of Element's mouth perked up in a grin.

The non-armored guy, Vince, gave a low chuckle. "Yeah, right, you beat us? Like that's ever happened before, we beat you in our last confrontation, or was it you who got the mental problem from the beating?" Both Vince and Valshar started to circle around Element, forcing him to go closer and closer to the middle of the clearing where Cedric was.

"Winning and getting away are two completely different things, Vince, and I'm pretty sure you only did the latter. It seems like running is one of your special skills, since you both do it so well." This made the armored one's, Valshar, face slightly furrow in anger, his other hand reaching back to grab another sword identical to the one in his right hand. But unlike him Vince's face was just as calm as it was before; he even offered a small laugh at the comment.

"Good play, Element, you know, I've just come to realize today how fun it's been to have you as an adversary, all the other people before you didn't even offer a challenge to us. You, on the other hand, can keep up, and it's going to sadden me greatly to have to get rid of you." His face shifted into a mocking kind of pout.

"You know..." Element shot back in a voice that suggested he was tired of hearing something. "You say that you'll destroy me each time we meet so many times it's lost all meaning now. Maybe what you should do is just flee right now and we don't have to go through all the unpleasantness like those other times."

Valshar's face showed a look like saying 'pathetic.' "Did you actually think we'd leave?"

Element looked at him incredulously. "No, you moron, that was an insult on your pride. God, at some times you can be such an idiot," and under his breath, "too bad battle isn't one of those times. Besides," Element's voice rose back to distinction one again. "I think I'd be just as sad if you were to leave as you would be if I were to."

"Got a point there," Vince reached with both hands up to his shoulders and pulled out two swords just like Valshar had done moments before. "Let's end this talk and start the fight, which we all know will end again very quickly."

"For you," Element raised his right hand from his side to be placed at an even level with his shoulders. In something that was under regular talk but above a whisper, Element called out. "Dragon Sword." Suddenly a sword instantly appeared in Element's hand, the blade pointing out. This was no ordinary sword as Cedric could see. For one thing it didn't even seem to be made out of metal, or any other substance he knew, it didn't even look solid. It was in the perfect shape of a sword, the edges and shape of the blade and shape of the hilt were just as clear as looking at a regular sword. The thing was, the whole thing was white, and it wasn't like something white that was carved into a sword shape, it was like some kind of white energy that was both solid yet not solid formed itself into that shape. Like... it could hold that shape forever and still keep its solidness, because even if it was made out of something else Cedric was sure it could cut just like, if not better, than any other sword, but at any minute it could change its form to something else. It was aptly named, the hilt was shaped just like a dragon, the cross-tree that of the dragon's wings and a figure of claws pressed against the bottom of the blade, while the hilt was made out of the dragon's head and neck, in the dragon's opened mouth looked like a round sphere, if it was a real sword it would be some gem, but because of the white energy that formed the sword and hilt, it was impossible to tell what the sphere would have been. The sword was a regular double-edged blade, a little more than three and a half feet long, just enough so that Element would be able to lean on it.

Element brought the sword across so that it was hanging before his chest, at the same position as before but a little lower so that it was in front of his chest. He took a step back so that he could whisper to Cedric. "Hey, kid, get out of here, the best chance is as soon as the fight starts, you'll have an opening, just run as fast as you can."

Cedric glared at this new comer he wasn't accustomed to. "I don't run from a fight, and don't call me 'kid'." He said, with his quiet monotonous voice.

"Listen, you don't know how powerful these two are; if you stick around you're likely to get hurt."

Cedric looked at Element with his black eyes. "I'm not a weakling; I'm just as strong as you are." Cedric said in his flat tone, just saying that to get this new comer to stop pestering him.

"True, you might be pretty powerful, but don't be naïve, I'm pretty sure you're not as powerful as these two." (Please don't be insulted, this is what Element would most likely say in this situation)He looked into Cedric's eyes, which were full of fight, and annoyance. "Fine, you can stay, but don't say I didn't warn you." He turned back to the pair before him as Cedric stepped up beside him. "You take the armored one, Valshar, while I take Vince."

"Take you own advice about being naïve…" Cedric said to himself, so Element couldn't hear him.

Cedric then turned and nodded at Element as if agreeing, then looked over at Valshar, and tensed his hands, which started glowing with an orange aura, and the metal disk floating around Cedric as if he was controlling it. Element eyed this strange yet mysterious kid, inquiring his actual power.

Element then looked back to the pair and raised his sword, readying for the fight.

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