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For a few seconds Valshar just stood there, basking in the glow of what he had just done, the grin on his face just as evil as he was. With a laugh, he stepped over Cedric's body and, with a laugh, shot towards the destroyed wall where Vince had gone through.

Element rose back up to stand on both of his feet, shaking from the pain of the effort the whole way. His mind had been immediately torn as soon as Cedric's body fell down to reveal Valshar standing behind him. On the one hand, he could take down Valshar and finally end the two's reign, but in Element's condition it would take too long and Cedric would most likely die. The other option was, obviously, help Cedric, but then Valshar and Vince would get away and he'd have to chase them all over again.

God, doing the right thing really sucks at times.

At the time that Valshar had gone past the first destroyed wall, Element ran over to Cedric, kneeling down next to him as soon as he had gotten to his side. His eyes were wide open from pain, and it looked like he was struggling to breath, the stab might have hit a lung or something. There were cuts all over his body, none of them small but neither were they too serious, except for two long, deep cuts going vertically down from both of his shoulder to his waist and deep cut in the right side of his abdomen.

Surprisingly, the stab wound was easy to find among the cuts on his back, mostly to its small size and the deepness of it. At the moment, there was nothing that Element could do to help except for sewing up wounds and covering them in bandages, and since he didn't have any time to sew all the wounds up, there was pretty much only one thing he could do. With a sweep of his hand, Element created a long bandage out of the light-force energy and started wrapping it tightly around the stab wound. It wouldn't really do anything except stop the blood flow, but for now that was all he could really do.

After he had tightly wrapped the stab wound, Element moved on to the other wounds, starting with the two big vertical ones and the deep one on his side, then moving on to the others.

A groan came from Cedric's lips as he was doing this, and with gasping breaths he started to sputter words out. "Stop... go get... Valshar... I'm... fine..."

For a second Element stopped working to focus his attention on Cedric's head, and bringing his hand up flicked his finger against the skull. "Did you get a concussion too or something? I may not be too fond of you but I'm not going to let you die you moron, even if those two do get away."

Cedric tried to struggle for breath and started to wheeze out more words. "Don't... call me... a moron... you... idiot... I'm... not... worth it... just... go..."

"Yeah right, like I'm going to leave, I probably won't be able to catch him now anyway; he's most likely already found Vince and taken off." It looked like Cedric was going to say something again, until Element silenced him. "Now stop talking, it's wasting energy, and I'm not going to let you die after I've sacrificed finally getting Valshar and Vince just so you could live."

As soon as he had finished his work, Cedric now lying on his back, Element created a platform of rock, a little taller than Cedric and a little wider, kind of like a stone stretcher. He raised it underneath Cedric and had stone pieces grow over his wrists, ankles, and chest so that he wouldn't fall off. Another stone platform raised itself under Element, this one smaller so that Element had to stand on both feet. This one was called up because he doubted that he'd be able to run fast enough, and he wasn't keen on relying on the wind to steadily control his flight.

They both shot off towards the destroyed wall, since the other way was pretty complicated and there was a good chance that Valshar would have made a fast area of destruction out of this one. When they had gotten to it, Element was finally able to survey the damage he had caused. A giant gap stretching from the ceiling to the floor, as a cause of the blast, stretched through many walls, creating an easily navigable path for flight.

It didn't even take a minute for Element to get threw the destroyed walls and go through the holes made by Valshar to get out of the T.S.C. building. Amazingly, there were only a few walls that Valshar had to destroy to get out; if Element's blast had been any stronger it would have gone through the whole building.

The darkness of night was pretty much obliterated by the city's lights as Element flew through the last hole, and he started surveying it for anything, not really knowing what to look for but looking nonetheless. Immediately he noticed a small blur of movement far off, obviously guessing it to be Valshar carrying the unconscious Vince.

Out of a whim he started to circle the building and looked straight down at the ground below. After moving to the front of the T.S.C. building, Element found what he was looking for, that being a large amount of ambulances in front of the building. He shot down, making sure that he didn't go too fast that something would happen to Cedric, and after about a minute landed on the ground next to a group of medics carting in some of the guards on stretchers.

Some of them flinched from surprise as Element just landed next to them, but most of them looked in shock at Cedric's heavily bandaged body. They immediately started to offer a stretcher for him, only to be cut off by Element as he waved a hand. "Just tell me how to get to the hospital; it'll be a lot faster if I fly than going in one of those slow things."

Nervously, probably from worrying about Cedric's injuries and maybe at excitement from being near Element, who had developed a nice name for himself for the short time he had been there, one of the medics stepped forward and gave Element the direction. During the discussion, the man's eyes had traveled down to the two huge crossed cuts on Element's body. "You know, you should probably get those looked at."

Element's face flashed exasperation for a second. "It's just a flesh wound, now what do I do next?"

The medic started back up again, finishing in a short amount of time, in which he occasionally too glances down at Element's cuts. As soon as he had finished, Element launched himself into the air, turning his body towards where the hospital was and speeding off.

Surprisingly, the thing that went through Element's mind as he flew towards the hospital was the medic's notice of his injuries. The fact that he noticed them wasn't surprising, it was just how long it took for him to see, even when he was talking to them. Element knew that Cedric was a big person in this city, he had no problem with it, it was just annoying when a person doesn't take any notice to your injuries until you force them, especially when they were as big as the ones Element had at the moment. Even now, he still had to take deep breaths, and his legs were shaking from the effort to keep himself up, it would be nice if he could lean against a wall.

In a few minutes he had reached the hospital, only preceded by a few ambulances that had left before he had even gotten to the base of the T.S.C. building with Cedric. Element floated the stone platform down to the entrance of the hospital, hopping off of his before he entered through the doors with Cedric, who was still on the stone stretcher.

It was pretty hectic inside the building; people were rushing about with stretchers of unconscious guards. Luckily for Element it wasn't too hectic, as the guards were just severely injured and wouldn't really die unless left alone for a long time.

Element walked up towards the front desk, moving with shaky legs from his pain. The lady there wore a bun and at the moment seemed to be hurrying about as she tried to get work done. Leaning on the front desk to take some of the pressure off his legs, Element hit the bell and tried to get her to stop. "I need a doctor, quickly."

Not even looking up, the woman carried a stack of papers to some basket as she addressed Element. "A lot of people need a doctor right now, sir, you'll just have to wait." And with that, she continued on with her work.

Element rolled his eyes, pushing away his annoyance as he tried to gather his calm. He brought his fist up to his mouth and pretended to cough. "Ahem." The woman jus ignored him, so he tried it again, only to get nothing back like before. With a sigh, he brought his fist up and gave one last couch. "Ahem!"

With an exasperated sigh, the woman turned back to address Element, finally looking at him. "Look, sir, we have a very busy night, and..." That's when she noticed who she was talking to, and who he was pointing to.

"I suggest that if you want the town hero to live, you get a doctor here stat, otherwise he'll die."

Her eyes widened as she surveyed all the bandages around Cedric, and mouthing 'oh my god' she picked up the closest phone. "Yes, doctor, you'll need to get to the front desk stat... I know, I know, it's just that Cedric's here, and he's unconscious... no he didn't get here on his own, someone brought him... I think it's that Element kid people have been talking about... anyway, sir, he says that Cedric will probably die so you need to get here fast... yes, thank you sir." She hung up the phone and looked back at Element, her arms resting on the countertop. "I'm sorry for ignoring you, it's just hectic with all the injured guards. Thanks for bringing in Cedric."

"That's fine, I understand, I kind of expected something like this would happen tonight. Not Cedric getting injured like this, just the guards." With a sigh, he looked back at the stretchers going through, new ones and ones that had arrived before.

"Well, it's a good thing none of them are too injured, they'll just need to be in the hospital for a while. Most of them just have big cuts on their bodies, and there are a lot of broken bones, nothing too serious though." She started to survey Element, finally noticing his torn and bloody clothes, and especially noticing the two gashes through his body.

"I expected as much, the guys who did this never really kill people unless they need to, or want to, but neither of those applied to this situation." He suddenly felt the woman's hand touching his shirt and turned his head inquisitively towards her.

"Oh my god, how can you even stand with these, how long have you had these?"

The woman's touching started to bother Element, but he let her continue on as he answered back. "Only for about... fifteen minutes at the most I think, or the least, I'm not completely sure, sometimes time goes faster than it seems, sometimes slower."

Her eyes were bewildered as she peeled the X which was torn through the shirt aside, revealing both of the gashes. "Is this your only injury?"

"Well," Element thought, "I have been hit by some pretty powerful blasts, if I was to take a guess I think I might have some broken rib bones, or just really beat up, something like that."

She finally took her hand away from his shirt and started to pick up the phone again. "You shouldn't be alive, and especially not walking."

"Yeah, well, I think my legs are agreeing with you on that last part, as for the alive thing, let's just say my family is stronger than most." At that moment, a doctor burst through one of the doors, accompanied by a team of medics and a rolling stretcher.

He walked up to where Cedric was floating and motioned towards Element. "Can you put him on our stretcher, please; we're going to need to take him now."

With a small wave of his hand, Element moved the rock platform to the stretcher, immediately making it disappear to have Cedric land on the rolling stretcher. He also made the bandages disappear so that the wounds could be seen, but also allowing the blood to start flowing back out, but still slower than before.

The doctor surveyed the body with amazement, his eyes wandering over the two large cuts going from both shoulders to his waist. "This is pretty serious, but I don't really see how he could die from this, unless you left him alone for a long time, are there any other injuries?"

"Yeah, he's been stabbed in the back, I think it might have hit one of his lungs or something, he's not breathing as well as usual."

The doctor nodded and motioned for the medics to start wheeling Cedric away. Before he left with him, he turned towards Element. "Thanks for bringing him to us, if the stab is serious there's a chance he might not have made it if you hadn't brought him here." His eyes then focused on Element's injuries, and his shaking legs. "You'll need a doctor for those."

The woman behind the counter raised her hand. "Already did it, she's on her way."

"Good job, I've got to go off with Cedric," he then motioned towards Element, "you make sure to stay off your feet after getting treated."

Element nodded. "Okay, I'll make sure to do that." In his mind, however, he was pretty much on the track of yeah right.

After the doctor had gone with Cedric, Element was left to lean against the front desk, a little afraid that if he stood straight he might fall down, or if he sat in a chair he might not get back up without help. For about a minute he waited, until a female doctor walked through another pair of doors and looked around, finally noticing Element and walking towards him.

She had brown hair which she held up in the back, except for two bangs which went in front of her face. She wore a pair of glasses which she was holding onto with her right hand while her other was holding onto a clipboard. Her height was almost that of Element's, just an inch or so smaller, and she had a nice figure. Even though she was a doctor, she was pretty young, in her twenties most likely, and Element had to admit she was pretty attractive.

Her mouth hung open a little as she stared at Element's blood covered body, blinking a few times to see if what she saw was true. After a few seconds, she motioned towards Element, her face a look of disbelief as she turned away, trying not to look at what she definitely shouldn't be seeing. "Come with me, please, I have to get you to a room quickly. Can you walk?"

"As well as a regular person? No. At all? Yes." And with that, he pushed himself off the front desk, following the doctor down one of the halls, moving slowly as he had to constantly lean on a wall so as not to collapse. A streak of blood went over the walls as he pressed his body against it, and more than once the doctor he was following asked if he wanted a stretcher, in which he would reply no.

After a few minutes, which should have only taken one at the most if Element could walk normally, they had arrived at a room. In the middle was a stretcher slash table in which Element sat down on, giving a relaxed groan as he rested his body on the mattress. Immediately, the doctor rushed over to one of the cupboards, fishing out a spool of thread and a needle.

She walked over to Element, holding the two items up. "I have no idea how the hell you're still standing, with this kind of wound you should be unconscious, at the very best. I'm going to have to stitch you up."

Element held up his hand, giving a small chuckle that soon turned into a hacking as he struggled for breath. "Hold it there, there's no way you're sewing my skin up. Besides, I'm fine." He ended with a fit of hacking as he tried to catch his breath, pretty much defeating what he just said.

The doctor gave a nervous laugh. "Fine? If anyone else was in your condition, they wouldn't even be able to speak, you are definitely not fine, and anyways, if I don't stitch that up you probably won't survive the night." With that, she advanced once more with the thread and needle raised.

Element gave a sigh, more as a result of his earlier struggle for oxygen than exasperation. "You might as well put that back, even if you stitch me up I'll just burn the thread off, pretty big waste it'd be for you. Just bandage me up, that should pretty much do the trick."

This time it was the doctor who gave a sigh, looking at the needle and thread and back at Element as she considered her options. She'd heard of this one's small rise in the city, and she knew his powers, so there was no doubt that he had the capability of burning the thread like he said, and since he seemed like the kind of person who stayed stubborn with this kind of stuff, it didn't seem as if he was bluffing. So she walked back over to the cabinets and put the thread and needle back.

She went to one of the cupboards, looking through and fishing out two more things. One of them was a big roll of bandages; another was a bottle of what was most likely rubbing alcohol. After that, she took out a good amount of cotton swabs and started to put the rubbing alcohol on them as she walked over to Element. With a little "ahem," she pointed towards his bloody shirt, which he promptly took off and flung across the room.

Most of the blood had been originally soaked up by the shirt, or had spilled onto the ground or rubbed against the wall in the hallway, but there was still a good amount of it spread around the huge cuts, covering up most of his skin. Immediately, the doctor started to rub the rubbing alcohol covered cotton swabs over his cuts, cleaning away most of the blood as she disinfected the wounds. She had to switch swabs a lot of times, since the size of the wounds were far larger than any she had treated before, and the fact that there was a lot of blood had something to do with it.

Usually, something like this would make a person flinch, especially since she had to use a lot of the alcohol to get the job done, but Element just sat there unwavering, calmly staring at the doctor as she did her job. The pain of his original wounds easily overrode the stinging of rubbing alcohol against the cuts, and even if it didn't he had dealt with a lot worse before without giving a single complaint, this cut in itself being a good example.

As the blood was wiped away from his body, Element's chest and abs were revealed. They were finely toned, not really big or huge but still strong, allowing him a good measure of speed and a nice chunk of strength to back it up. There were a few small scars here and there, none of them even close to this, just results of regular slashes that had probably healed in only a few days.

The doctor's breathing soon turned a little quicker as more and more of Element's body was revealed. Now the cut was completely sanitized, but she couldn't help but keep wiping off more of the blood, making it look like she was still working at the wound. Once she even stole a glance at Element's face, meeting his calm eyes with her own and soon turning away with a blush to look back at his body. He may not have been like Cedric, barely anybody was to tell the truth, but he was still quite good looking, his glasses even adding a little to his looks, and his body was, well... nice. How old was he anyways, eighteen? He was definitely tall enough, and there's been older people that haven't had this kind of maturity, he'd have to be around eighteen.

After wiping off all the blood, some new blood still slowly flowing from the cut but not really doing that much to diminish his body, she took the roll of bandages and started to wrap it around his body. She argued with herself on how to do it, determining that the best way was to cover both cuts specifically and then both afterwards. So moving carefully she started the roll the bandages over his right shoulder and down to the left side of his waist, coming back up over the back to start it again. Once she completely covered the cut to her liking, she did the same thing with his other cut, starting at his left shoulder and going down to the right side of his waist. Once that was done, she wrapped the bandages across his abdomen and chest, making sure to cover it up as much as possible to hold off the blood flow.

After she was done, the doctor put back the bandages and what was left of the rubbing alcohol, turning back once she was done to look once more at Element's body. Even with the bandages on, his muscles showed through, creating an outline almost as good as without the bandages on. He noticed her looking and cocked an eyebrow, to which she nervously responded with a cover-up. "Um, I think I heard something about broken ribs, I'll probably have to do some X-rays."

Element gave a nod of his head and pushed himself off the mattress, shaking a little as his feet hit the ground. He started to walk towards the door, his steps a little better than before but not by much, and he was soon leaning against the door frame when he got to it. Then, with an exasperated sigh, he looked backwards, just remembering he forgot his shirt.

Giving a small laugh, the doctor walked up to him, holding the torn and bloody shirt in her hands, and with a small smile handed it over to Element, who tossed it over his left shoulder as soon as he grabbed it. His gaze wandered to the hallway, stopping for a few seconds as the streak of blood presented itself, and wondering how long it'd take to get to the next room. His gaze ended on the doctor, however, as she put herself under his right arm, leaning against his body, obviously stating that he should just lean against her when walking.

For a while he considered this, it would be a lot easier to walk this way, but he still had some pride, he could still make it without the help, it would just be slower and more painful. With a sigh, though, he lifted himself off the wall and leaned slightly on the doctor, throwing pride aside. Any regular person would choose this option anyway; it wouldn't really hurt his pride too much if he still did this.

And so, with his steps easier and slightly faster, he walked to the X-ray room, the doctor underneath his right arm to support him the whole way. She had a small blush on her face throughout the walk; it just couldn't be helped as she was right up against this fine example of a person. But no matter how much she tried to hide it, no matter how much it seemed he hadn't, Element noticed. He wasn't sure when he first noticed, probably when she was cleaning the blood from his body. It wasn't really that surprising, Cedric wasn't the only person who could attract people, although this didn't happen with Element that much, probably because he usually kept to himself and didn't spend too much time with people when he was traveling. Personally, he didn't mind that she was attracted to him, although he was very regretful that this was an impossible situation for the young doctor. Not only was there the age difference, he was sixteen after all, even if she didn't know, but he had already found a person in his life, and just the fact that he traveled so much wouldn't guarantee anything.

So they passed the hallway in silence, soon coming upon the X-ray room where Element hopped up onto the table. They took the quick pictures, in which was revealed that Element indeed had some broken rib bones, almost half of them actually. Since the bandages were already on, there wasn't really much else to put on the rib area, so Element was just told to keep his body as straight as he could so as not to hurt himself, and once more they walked out of the room, heading down to the place where Element would stay.

The walk wasn't as silent as before, as the doctor couldn't help but asking a question she'd had on her mind since seeing the X-rays. "How is it that you didn't know about the broken bones, with so many of them gone the pain should be tremendous."

Element gave a slight chuckle, wincing from the pain it caused before he could finish. "Well, I can't really make out any specific pains, it kind of all just rolls into one big thing, know what I mean?"

She gave a slight nod and left it at that, leading him into one of the nearby rooms. It was pretty much empty, no cupboards, cabinets, or anything of that nature, the only objects were two beds, a yellow curtain folded up between them in case neither person would want to look at the other, plus a small table by each bed. So far, neither of the beds was occupied, the sheets were both folded up neatly and tight.

Element picked himself over the doctor and, with a relaxed groan, plopped himself down on the bed to his left. It had a sort of solidness that made it so you didn't exactly sink into it in any way, but it wasn't like a piece of marble either. He slid his body over to the back of the bed and immediately went under the covers, putting both of his hands behind his head once he was finally relaxed. After that, he grabbed his shirt from his shoulder and tossed it over on the table by his bed, leaving it close by.

The doctor started walking out the door, turning back once she got to the frame to address Element. "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

"No, not really..." his eyes seemed to wander off for a few seconds, soon turning back to focus in a split second. "Actually, do you think I could get a cup of herbal tea?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, but we don't have any herbal tea in this hospital." She bit her lip a little as she said this, hoping that she hadn't made him angry in a way.

Element gave a sigh. "Of course you don't, nowhere else in the city has herbal tea, why would this place have it?"

"Um, would regular tea be okay for you?" She started to nervously twiddle her hair.

Once more, Element's eyes started to wander off as disappointment crept over him. "No thank you, I've done without tea for a good number of weeks, what's another day?" He started to wave her off. "You can go, I'll be fine here."

As soon as the doctor had left, Element reached for his shirt, digging under it to locate a remote for the TV he had just noticed, and with a flick of his fingers turned it on, laying back into a comfortable position as he did the only thing he could to pass the time.

And so there he lay, the time passing by him like the wind, the only thing saving him from complete boredom being the TV screen, although if it hadn't been for some movies that were on he would have been totally confused, since in his travels he didn't stop that much to watch shows.

After some hours, the door had opened up and some medical staff carted in Cedric, setting him on the other bed in the room. At the moment he was unconscious, though Element didn't know if that was because of his injuries or if the doctors had put him under something. Other than that, the day passed by quickly, and to Element it seemed only a few minutes more and he fell asleep.

With a groan, Element stretched his arms and sat up in bed, blinking the tiredness out of his eyes as he surveyed the room. Cedric was still lying in the bed next to him, and was still unconscious, and other than that nothing else stuck out in the room, still boring as ever. He gave a twist of his neck from side to side, creating two loud cracking noises, and lifted the sheets off of his body.

That done, Element brought his legs close, crossing them in front of his body so that he was now in a sitting position. Taking a deep breath, Element closed his eyes and rose his body up so that he was floating about a foot above the bed. His hands came off his knees and came together, his middle and pointer finger on each hand pressing themselves against the other along with his thumb, while his pinky and other finger bent and pressed the backs of themselves against their opposite hands. This was a favorite meditative pose of his which he'd slowly developed after a few months. Of course, he'd never had a real opportunity to use it, as every time he tried to meditate something happened to make him stop, but now that the stress of Vince was over, for now, he should be able to clear his mind for a while.

In a small whisper, Element started to chant under his breath, beginning the meditation, but it was only a few seconds after he started that the door of the room opened.

"Ah, Element, I see you're awake."

Element's eyes snapped open, a frustrated fury behind them as they rested on the doctor who had just interrupted him. "Get out! I'm trying to frickin' meditate!" And with one hand he pointed at the door, while with the other he started putting on his shoe.

Taken aback, the doctor gave a hesitated look over at the floating teen. He would have said something then, but a shoe was sent soaring towards his face, so instead he went back out the door.

After taking a few deep breaths, getting out the frustration, Element once more closed his eyes to start the meditation process again. This time, though, he didn't even get to chant as the doctor poked his head through the door to interrupt once more.

"Mister Element, I'm sorry to bother you but..." his head snapped back outside as another shoe flew towards his head, striking the part of the wall where his face just was.

"Now leave me alone! Next time you interrupt me I'll throw my mattress at you, I know how!" He started to take some more deep breaths, bringing his hands back to rest in their original position. It took him about a minute of deep breaths to disperse the frustration at being interrupted so many times, but as soon as it went away he started to chant under his breath.

Unbeknownst to him, his shouting had waken up Cedric, who wasn't really unconscious when Element laid eyes on him in the morning, just sleeping. Without making any noise, Cedric turned his head to watch the spectacle of Element's meditation.

For a while, Element just sat there chanting, his mutterings seeming to buzz around the room, although the specific words he spoke could barely be heard. After about a minute, it looked as if he was just going to keep sitting there, chanting, until his voice started to soften, the words on his lips dying away. His body started to shake, very little at first so that it was barely noticeable, and then going so that you could see his body make the small movements. His face kept making odd looks, the forehead furrowing a little now and then, just making small convulsions to go along with his slightly shaking body. Soon, his hands had balled themselves into fists, his lips had parted to take in deep, shaking breaths, and his body started to sweat a little bit. Finally, after about a minute of this, Element's eyes snapped open, his deep breaths seeming to shake his entire body, a look of deep sadness radiated from his eyes, but it wasn't the sadness that drew Cedric's attention.

It was the tears coming out of them, creating to thin streams flowing down either cheek.

Element raised his right hand, the fist uncurled, and placed it on his face, his fingers rubbing his temples as his body's shaking started to slow down. He started to lower down his body so that he was once again sitting on top of the mattress.

The door slowly creaked open, a female doctor that Cedric hadn't seen yet poked her head into the room and looked around nervously. Spotting Element, sure that he wouldn't throw anything at her, the doctor fully opened the door and made herself noticed. "I heard you were up, there was something that I forgot yesterday."

Element took his hand off his face, completely wiping away the tears in the process, and looked inquisitively up at the doctor, the sadness that was earlier in his eyes completely drained. "Yes?"

With a nervous cough, she pulled something out from behind her back and threw it at the sitting form of Element. "You need to put this on."

As he caught it, Element realized that this was one of those blue/white gowns that you usually see patients in. He looked back up at the doctor and gave a warm smile, giving the doctor all she needed to see, and so she walked back out the door, but not without looking back towards Element's body with a small blush.

As soon as the door had closed, Element's smile had disappeared, soon replaced by a look of annoyance as he gave a sigh. With a flick of his wrist, he sent the shirt flying over to one of the walls, snapping his fingers as soon as the shirt left his hand to light it on fire. It had only been up in flames for about a second when the fire disappeared in a puff of smoke, leaving a pile of ash to float about the air where the shirt used to be.

Element pulled himself back to the bed post, pulling the blankets over his legs as he lifted his arms up so the hands were behind his head, settling in for relaxation.

"I'm not completely sure you should be destroying hospital property."

Element's body jumped, almost getting to half a foot high in his surprise, his arms twitching as the shockwaves went through his body. He looked over to Cedric's bed, where the formerly unconscious Element of Metal was sitting up with his arms crossed. With his face calmed back down, he gave Cedric an amused look and replied. "I thought you were unconscious."

"Well, at first, but later on I was just sleeping, and I'm still not sure you should be destroying hospital property."

"Eh, I have no need for it, it's not like I'll be needing it anyways, I'll probably only be staying here for a few days, five at the most." Element settled back into the bed, putting his arms behind his head and closing his eyes.

"Yeah, right," Cedric responded, "I may have only been conscious for a few minutes, but I saw your wounds, you'll be in here as long as me, maybe longer."

With a knowing look, Element casually opened his left eye and stared back at Cedric. "Nah, it's usually just a few days with these things then I'm up and running, it's not really that big a deal, I've had worse."

Cedric looked inquisitively at Element and cocked an eyebrow.

"Okay," Element closed his eye once more and gave a kind of shrug, "so I haven't had worse, but I know my own body, and it'll be fine."

With a roll of his eyes, Cedric once more looked towards the wall and went silent, his mind casually wandering through the memory of seeing Element's sadness. He wouldn't talk about it, of course, it wouldn't exactly be a good conversation piece. Suddenly his mind fixed itself on when the doctor looked back when leaving the room, setting his focus on when he saw her blush.

"So, that doctor seems... friendly."

"Yep," he rolled his head around the pillow, his eyes still closed as he tried to find a comfortable position, "she seems like a nice person, hope she finds someone nice."

"You mean like you?" He shot a glance at the calm Element, putting a little emphasis on the last word to show he noticed her looks at Element.

Element gave a little chuckle and once more opened his eyes, giving an amused look at Cedric. "You aren't the only person who can get the girls, you know. I have to say, she's definitely different, someone that I'd actually go out with."

"But you're not, are you?"

At this point, Element had closed his eyes once more, and was shaking his head in response to Cedric's question.

"Kind of hypocritical of you."


Cedric gave a sigh. "I can tell you aren't in favor of me not taking any notice of the girls falling for me, but as soon as one falls for you, one that you even admit you might be interested in, you don't do anything."

"Yes, but you and I do this for different reasons," without opening his eyes, Element took his left arm out from behind his head and pointed it at Cedric, "you pass them up as if they weren't really anything, just leave them cold, in other words you don't care, or at least that's my way of putting it. I, on the other hand, have a very good reason for not taking any interest in the people who fall for me."

"And what might that possibly be?"

Both of Element's eyes slowly opened, for an instant a flash of sadness passed through them, quickly to be replaced by a look of calm. "My reason is that I've already found the love of my life, and there's nobody else in the galaxy that could take her place."

"Okay," Cedric leaned back in his bed as he considered this, "I have to admit, that is a good reason."

A small smile played on Element's face as he sat back up. "Here, I want to show you something." He started to dig in one of his pockets, flinching a little bit as he strained his body. It took him about half a minute, but he finally found what he was looking for and gingerly took it out of his pocket. Cedric couldn't really blame him for taking so long, the object was tiny, at his distance away Cedric couldn't even see what it was, and Element gave it a caring look. Tearing his eyes away from it, he then tossed it over to Cedric, who tried to snatch it out of the air, only to stop short as a small wave of pain hit him.

The object would have gone soaring right past his bed, had it not stopped right in midair. Only when he leaned forward could Cedric see what it the object actually was. It was a diamond, one that would probably go on a ring, it was a good size for one, but wasn't too big, just big enough so that it was noticeable.

"I've been working on it for quite a while, look at this." And with a wave of his hand, Element summoned a circle of water between Cedric and the diamond, magnifying the image.

At first he thought that it was just the diamond he was supposed to be looking at, until he noticed the inside. It looked as if parts of it had been taken out in a certain pattern, it was hard to tell at first, but it looked kind of like a bird with its wings spread. "It's not really that well carved."

"Well I'm not done yet, even with my powers it takes a while to carve something in a diamond, when I'm finished there's going to be a raven in the middle with a dragon flying around it."

"Why that?" Cedric's hand came up as he started to examine the diamond more closely.

Element gave a soft chuckle, more out of a calm joy than patronizing. "It's just a kind of symbol we have."

"Okay, I'm afraid to ask, but how is it you can do this?"

"Don't worry, I'll keep it short. Well, a diamond can technically be part of the elements, you just have to find the connection. As for the carving, I remember seeing something like it in glass crystals, so I asked the guy how he did it, and I'm just applying that idea with my powers."

"Hmm, you know, come to think of it, this is kind of odd to give as a present; I mean it just seems a little big for just a gift, unless of course you're doing it as a birthday or Christmas thing, which makes a little sense."

The smile on Element's face grew bigger as he gave a small chuckle. "It's not supposed to be a present, next time I see her I'm thinking of asking for her hand."

Cedric froze in his administrations, although his voice rose up in a questioning manner. "Um, either I'm misinterpreting what you just said in my head, or you're crazy, I mean you can only be, what, sixteen?"

Element belt out a soft laugh. "I'm not going to ask her to marry me straight away, just someday in the future."

"Yeah... that stuff just happens all the time, doesn't it?"

Element ignored the sarcasm, holding his hand out for the diamond, which left Cedric's grasp and shot into Element's palm, soon to be put back in his pocket. With a sigh of relaxation, Element grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, switching it to one of the movies that was on at the time and placing his hands behind his head.

Cedric looked at the TV with annoyance and settled down in his bed, closing his eyes as he relaxed so that he could ignore the noise better.

The hours passed, Element watched TV while Cedric just sat in his bed, doing his best to try and ignore things. Once in a while they would get into a conversation, which would only last for a little while then they'd go silent, repeating the process all over again. The only interruptions from this pattern was when the nurses came in with their meals and when the doctors made some examinations on Cedric, which had shown him to make good progress from his injuries and a guess that he'd have to stay in the hospital for at least a week for recovery. All in all, it was pretty much a regular inspection.

Element's inspection, however, was definitely not what people expected.

After Element and Cedric had gotten their dinner meal, which was soon consumed, Element's doctor made her way into the room, carrying a clipboard. She made her way over to Element's bedside, giving a small frown at the fact that Element wasn't wearing the clothing assigned him, but soon turning into a blush as she once more looked at his body.

"So, how are you feeling so far?"

Element offered her a smile as he set his platter onto the bedside table. "Doing just fine, the pain's subsided for now, and so far I think my ribs are doing okay."

"That's good," she said as she started writing on her clipboard, looking up once her hand had stopped moving, "Now, can you please explain why you're lying?"

Element looked at her inquisitively. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

Her face had turned from a blush to pure business as she addressed Element. "What I'm talking about is your cut, with something that big you should still be feeling a good amount of pain, and as far as I know we haven't given you any painkillers so far."

"Well I'm not lying, I don't feel any sharp pains at all, so far the most I'm feeling is a little soreness. Now, I highly doubt that I won't feel any pain when I start walking again, but it shouldn't be as big as last night."

The doctor gave a sigh and started to write on her clipboard some more. "Fine, stick with that; just don't say I didn't warn you when you collapse from pain because you didn't tell us the truth." With a flick of her hand, she finished up her writing and looked back at Element, motioning towards him with her hand for him to get up. "Now, I'd like to look at your ribs, see how well they're healing, can you get up and come with me to the X-ray room?"

"Of course." Element lifted the sheets off his legs and gave a twist, moving his legs so that they were now hanging over the edge. With a grunt, he pushed himself off the bed, holding on to the edge to steady himself so that he didn't fall down from the sudden pain. He gave a few practice steps and walked towards the door, holding on to the edge of the bed a little so that he didn't tip over too much. When he got to the door, he turned a right, ignoring the doctor's motion for help as he headed down to where he remembered the X-ray room to be.

Cedric was left in his bed for quite a while as the two went off for the X-rays. The silence of the room was welcome, and he was able to finally lay back and truly relax, even if it was for only a short time. In Cedric's estimate it was probably five to ten minutes until the two came back, the doctor coming in first to hold the door for Element. When he walked in Element actually seemed better than when he walked out, his body limping to his bed without him actually having to hold on to something for keeping steady.

With a relaxed sigh, Element flopped down on the bed, getting back in his relaxed pose with both of his hands behind his head. He turned a calm look over to the doctor, who was standing right next to his body with the clipboard set down.

"Okay, the X-ray should be ready in a few moments. During that time, I'd like to look at the cut to see if it's healing regularly and to see if there's any infection, so we're going to need to cut those bandages off." She started to reach into one of her inner pockets for something; only to be interrupted as Element held his hand up.

"Don't worry, I've got it." And with a snap of his fingers, fire erupted from the bandages, going up both of his sides and across his shoulders, burning right through the bandages and making the front fall down to reveal his body.

The doctor's eyes went wide, and it looked like she was just about to gasp as she saw Element's body. The cut had stopped bleeding, leaving just the cut on his lean body. Not only that, but it was almost closed up, the two sides of skin just millimeters from touching once more, and some of the new skin had even started to grow.

It was a good thing that the chest had prepared her, because if it just almost made her gasp, the X-ray that the nurse that just came in and handed to her would probably have made her almost faint. She took a few deep breaths, and with a measure of calm spoke to Element. "It seems that you're ribs are doing fine, in fact, they're almost aligned back up."

Element grinned up at the doctor. "What can I say, I'm a fast healer."

Her eyes widened as she looked down at Element, a little shocked at how he was treating this. "No, I've seen fast healers before, I've heard of really fast recoveries, but this is something different, no person has ever healed this fast before, not without aid, and even the ones with aid aren't quite at your speed. You are healing faster than any person that there's ever been."

Element's grin continued in a knowing way. "Yeah, well, now you can see why I didn't want the stitches."

The doctor looked like she was about to speak, but instead just waved her hand in dismissal and walked out of the room. The nurse stayed behind and started to bandage Element's cut up again, doing it quickly as the even that had just taken place had unnerved her for some reason, and after a few minutes she followed the doctor's course out of the room.

Cedric crossed his arms and cast an inquisitive look over at Element. "I'm guessing you wouldn't care to explain?"

For a second Element seemed to think, but then shook his head. "No, not really."

With a raised eyebrow, Cedric offered a small chuckle. "Huh, it's kind of ironic, whenever I don't really care about it you tell me about your powers, but when I actually want to know how you use them you suddenly don't want to tell me."

Element turned his head to look at his right shoulder, where a small stone dragon he had created had just crawled up his arm. Its movements were extremely lifelike, and if hadn't been for the stone, which wasn't even cracked, Cedric would have thought the thing actually alive. As the dragon got its front legs up on his shoulder, Element raised his left hand up and started to rub its cheek, in which the dragon responded by arching its neck into the touch, much like a cat might.

A warm smile spread upon Element's face as he continued stroke the small dragon. "Now, who said ever said anything about this being related to my powers?"

"It's not?"

He gave a small shake of his head. "Nope, I haven't figured out how to apply my powers that way yet. I could probably stitch myself up, but I like natural healing better anyways, and besides, stitching is a delicate and kind of precise art, I'm not sure I would do good with it."

Cedric let out a small laugh out of his chest. "Finally, something the all powerful Element can't do."

The finger had moved its way up from the dragons face and was now stroking its spiked spine. "I never said I couldn't do it, I just haven't figured out how, to do it I'd have to figure out precisely how things heal."

A resigned sigh escaped Cedric's mouth. "Of course, how could I have been so stupid to even think..."

"You know," Element interrupted before Cedric went into an exasperated speech, "you could probably do it too, all you need is some of that silver that's been turned into dust, and you can learn about how things heal and then just use the metal to kind of help along the healing process, or something like that. It's like I usually say, it's not the power, but how you use it."

Cedric grinned a heavy grin and lay down, turning his body so that he was looking at the wall. "Obviously he doesn't notice…" After about only a minute of silence, though, he turned around to look at Element, who was still stroking the little dragon on his shoulder. "You're very annoying, you know that?"

A soft chuckle escaped Element's lips. "I was wondering if you were going to say that or not, from what I can tell you don't exactly do things too straight forward."

Cedric furrowed his brow and sat up. "That's what I mean, the fact that you actually know some stuff about me while I know nothing at all about you."

Still not turning away from the dragon perched on his shoulder, Element answered in a calm voice. "I've already told you about my powers..."

"Yeah, and that's pretty much all that I know of you, other than the fact that you call yourself Element, I don't even know your name."

"No one does, other than me, of course. I don't see why you're talking about this, I don't know much about you either."

"Actually, you do," Cedric pointed out, "you know my powers, you know my city, plus where I live exactly, you know my name, I've told you that I'm the Element of Metal, while I originally could've just told you I controlled metal, plus you've seemed to discern certain things about my personality, while I can't really seem to discern anything certain from you."

Element had stopped stroking the dragon and stayed silent for a while, turning around to look over at Cedric. He started to open his mouth to speak, only to be interrupted by Cedric.

"Just don't say anything; I'm too frustrated at the moment. Good night." And with that, he lay back down and turned towards the opposite wall, soon falling into a quiet slumber.

With a sigh, Element stopped took his hand away from the dragon ad reached towards the remote, turning off the TV. He created a stone hand by the light switch, giving a little flick of the fingers and turning the lights off. The sheets lifted up a little with the help of a gust of wind, and with a sigh of relaxation, Element placed his whole body up to the top of his chest under the covers and drifted off to sleep. The little dragon got off his shoulder and crawled onto his chest, laying down and curling its body up, it gave a wide yawn and rested its head on the claws, promptly going into what would be sleep if it were actually alive.

In the third day of being in the hospital, the restless Element had had it, and after only a second of thought had gotten out of his bed.

Cedric spoke over to Element, who had just stood up. "You know, I'm not sure that's a good idea considering the condition you're in."

His steps strong and just as good as they were before he had fought Vince, Element grabbed the torn and bloody shirt off the table and walked over to the door, giving a small chuckle in response to Cedric's query. "Please, in my condition you could hit me in the side with a sledgehammer and I would barely wobble."

With a small shake of his head, Cedric crossed his arms and looked over to Element. "You know, I've heard some pretty big exaggerations in my time but..."

"What can I say," Element gave a shrug and threw the torn shirt over his shoulder, since he couldn't really wear it at the moment, "it can be fun at times. I'll see you later, I got to go register out of my hotel, plus I need to find a good tailor, and probably a Laundromat or some other place that will get out this blood." And giving a whistle, Element walked out the door, heading for the front door of the hospital. Cedric looked out the window, admiring the freedom not far away at all.

The person at the front desk looked up as she spotted Element heading towards the doors. "Sir..."

Without even looking back, Element interrupted the woman. "Don't worry, I'll be back, I just have to go do some things." Before the woman could respond, he had walked right out of the front door and taken off.

Element's body lifted up in the air as he headed towards where he remembered seeing a tailor in one of his earlier flights five days before. He moved at a slow, comfortable pace, letting the wind gently blow against his face as he looked upon the grandness of the city before him.

"So, shall I talk about what Cedric said, or shall I?"

Element gave a sigh of annoyance. "Hey, I already discussed this with myself yesterday, I don't want to have to do it again, these discussions usually get very annoying."

"Yeah, well, you're not too thrilled about it either, I mean it's not like you really have a choice in the matter, it's just the subject your mind was on at the time, and the subject I'm obviously most troubled about."

Annoyance had Element gritting his teeth together. "Hey, I told you to stick to the rules, whenever you're talking about the me that's you you state yourself as me, and the me that's me you state as you, or is it the other way around? See, this is why I made the rule! Damn conscience."

"Alright, alright, but you can't blame me, you of all people know how fun it is to mess around with other people like this, seeing as, well, you know."

"Yeah, I do know, and it gets extremely annoying whenever it's brought up, so can we just get to the business at hand?"

"But I thought you didn't want to talk about this?"

"Shut it..."

"You just told yourself to shut up."


"Okay, okay, last time, you promise."

Element grumbled under his breath. "Now, what shall I talk about first, huh?"

"Well, there's pretty much only one thing to talk about, you haven't told Cedric anything about yourself other than your powers."

"Yeah, and I also haven't told a single other soul in the world, other than her of course."

"Ah, I remember that day like it was yesterday, god did I mess with you good just before it happened."

"On with the subject."

"Oh, right. You should tell Cedric, he's entitled to know, I mean he already knows about what Vince and Valshar are, what's wrong with telling him what you are?"

At the moment Element was descending through the air, having just spotted the tailor. He landed with a small wisp of wind, unsettling a few leaves on the ground, and walked into the building. Immediately he headed over to where a man was working, stooped over a suit was being made. With a flick of his hand, he tossed the shirt in front of him, making the man stop in his work and glance at the torn clothing.

"I need you to sew the tears back up, and I think a few buttons might be missing, so just replace those. How long will it take?"

The man picked the shirt up, giving it a close inspection and setting it in front of him as he moved the suit aside, and in a scratchy voice he answered. "It'll probably take around half an hour; I can set what I'm doing aside for the moment."

"Thanks." And with that, Element turned around and headed out the door, once more lifting back into the air to head towards the hotel.

"Now, back to our little discussion, you know how secretive I am, I do not like telling secrets to people. When I told her about me it was an accident, it slipped out."

"But you told her pretty much your whole past when you could have just told her a little bit about yourself, don't try and fool me, I know you wanted to tell her anyways, it wasn't really a slip."

Element thought to himself for a few seconds. "Maybe it wasn't, but that still doesn't change my decision about telling Cedric."

"You still need to tell him, he is your friend after all."

"Okay, he is not my friend, just an acquaintance; I probably won't ever see him again after leaving this city."

"Please, after so long, you should know by now that it's impossible to fool yourself. He's your friend, deal with it, and other than the guys back at you-know-where he's your first friend since..."

"Do NOT talk about that, we aren't ready yet, and when we are I'm not going to be talking about it to you anyways."

"Sorry, words just seem to carry on when you're a piece of someone's self, I won't mention anything about it again."

"Make sure you don't"

"Now, like I said before, Cedric is your friend, and one of the very few that you have, you should tell him about yourself."

"Why? I haven't told my other friends about myself."

"Yeah, I'm still kind of annoyed at that, if I could I'd probably hit you until you did, but I guess I can't always convince you on things."

"Good, then you can stop trying right now."

"I wasn't talking about now, and don't interrupt me again."

"Fine, fine."

"He makes a valid point anyways, you know a good amount about him, even if it's not delving into his self or anything, and some of that he didn't even tell you, you just figured out."

"Your point?"

"Your point is that..."

"I thought you said you'd stick with the rule."

"And I thought you said that you wouldn't interrupt me any more. I let a little slip, stop beating yourself up about it. Now, like I said, my point is that if you know some things about him, you at least owe it to tell him about yourself. You don't have to get into a great detail like you did with her, but you should still tell him something."

Element gave a sigh as he started to head towards the ground, the hotel just in front of him. "I'm just not sure, you know how hard it is for me to tell other people of who I am, what I am, I haven't even told her about my human side. Of course, it might be nice, although I highly doubt he'll appreciate what it would mean when I tell him."

"That doesn't matter, and you might be surprised, maybe he'll understand instead of just throwing it aside. Maybe you should just think about it, I'm pretty tired of talking, just because I'm not physical doesn't mean I don't feel boredom."

With another small wisp of air, Element landed on the ground, walking through the double doors of the hotel and heading towards the front desk.

The girl at the desk looked up as the shirtless Element headed towards her. "Ah, you're back, I haven't seen you in a few days."

"I haven't exactly been here."

"Oh," the girl couldn't help but stare at Element's bandaged chest as he walkedup to the desk, mostly out of curiosity at the injuries, but a little bit out of the fact of how nice they looked. "I'm sorry to say, but the nights that you weren't here are still going to count on your total bill."

"That's okay; I'm here to check out anyways."

"Oh, okay, let me just bring up your room number." She looked down at the computer, taking a few seconds to get his room up, and then looked back up to inform Element of the costs.

Once she was done adding up the list, Element reached into one of his pockets, pulling out a checkbook. With some quick flicks of his wrist, Element wrote out the cost and other information, putting Element where the name was instead of his actual name, and handing it over to the girl.

With a quick look over the check, the girl looked back up at Element, an inquisitive look on her face. "I'm sorry sir, but we require your real name on this."

"Don't worry, I adjusted the account so that it answered to this, do I look like someone who would try to rob you guys of a room?"

She looked back at the check again, looking back at Element after a second and then once more at the check, chewing her lower lip a little as she did. With a sigh, she put the check down and looked back up at Element. "Alright, but only because I trust you, you did help the city these past few days."

"Thank you." And with that, Element turned around and headed out the door, taking into the air once more to head back towards the tailors.

It took Element a while to get to the tailors, as his mind was battling with itself on what he should do about Cedric that once or twice he actually zoned out and forgot where he was. Luckily, he could easily pick out his path, as he had grown accustomed to the city's layout, and fun the tailor just a short time after the shirt had been completed. And without even a hello from either person, Element took the shirt and handed the tailor the money for doing the job, letting him keep the change.

The shirt was well taken care of; it looked just as it had before getting cut. You'd have to look really close to actually see the stitches in it, and the tailor had even been kind enough to even take out the blood stains, leaving behind only the white of the shirt and black of the dragon. As he walked out the door and took into the air, Element slipped the shirt back on, leaving it unbuttoned so that his bandaged front easily showed.

Knowing his place in the city, it only took Element a few minutes to get back to the hospital, which looked the exact same as it did when he left. The woman at the counter lifted her head up to look at Element once he had walked through the doors, but went back down to staring at the computer after she had affirmed he had returned.

Element breezed through the halls, heading towards the room that he shared with Cedric. He wasn't surprised to see the door already open when he got there, the female doctor already in the room and standing next to his bed in anticipation and slight annoyance. She walked towards Element, who held an impassive look, and looked ready to berate him for hours on end.

"Where the hell have you been, you're supposed to stay here so that we can treat you."

Element cocked an eyebrow. "What, didn't Cedric tell you where I've been? I needed to check out of my hotel, plus I had to get my shirt fixed, it's the only one that I have. Now don't get in a little hissy about my injuries, I'm doing fine, and I can take care of myself, you should know that."

The doctor furrowed her brow. "I don't care, any kind of bad movement could have made your injuries worse, and how would you get back to the hospital then? How do they feel, anyway?"

He gave a shrug. "Just a little sore, but other than that I'm fine."

"Yeah," Cedric responded from his bed, "if you hit him with a sledgehammer he'd barely wobble."

The sarcasm was obvious in his voice, but even the doctor ignored him. "Next time you want to go out, you tell me where you're going and what you're doing and let me make some tests so that I can make sure you're suitable, got that?"

"Sure." Element moved past her and flopped down on his bed, putting his hands behind his head for relaxation.

Giving a slightly exasperated sigh, the doctor left the room, leaving Element and Cedric to lie in their beds in silence, that is until Element flipped on the TV. "Huh, I guess I got off kind of easy."

Cedric rolled his eyes and gave a sigh, turning away from the television.

It was sunset, Element was standing on one of the skyscrapers, staring out at the sea. His shirt was once more buttoned up, the bandages underneath discarded, leaving behind a big scar in the shape of an X to remind him of the fight. The ribs had healed completely, the pain that had once been there completely gone, there wasn't even any soreness.

It had been about a week sense he had left the hospital to check out of his hotel and fix his shirt. Cedric's wounds had taken a little while to heal, the regular cuts weren't really a problem, but the deep cuts and the stab wound had taken a while to heal up, even with help. But, curiously, he had healed faster then any other patient, except Element, and left the hospital days before, and just today had been released from their 'testing.'

At the moment he was standing near the left edge of the building, away from the edge where Element was looking out at the sea. His eyes were riveted to Element's back, moving left, right, up, and down as he traced the still image of the dragon on the shirt. After a while of silence he decided to break the ice.

"So, you're leaving now huh?"

Element answered without turning around. "Yep, Vince and Valshar have left, there's nothing really here for me any more."

Cedric turned his head to look at the city, letting out a small breath as he did so. "That's not what the people think."

A small smile lifted Element's lips up. "This place already has a protector, a good one at that. Anyways, if I let Vince and Valshar go without chasing them, another city might get destroyed, and that I won't let happen."

"So," Cedric responded, looking back at Element, "where are you thinking of heading, I mean you don't really know where they went."

"Well, I came in this city through the east, so that eliminates that route, since they never redouble their steps, which leads the north and south, and I have no idea which direction they'd take. What cities are north and south of here?"

"Tamberon is south, Towerin's sister city, and I think I remember hearing something about the city north. I think it's called Jog or Hop or Leap or..."


"How'd you know about Jump?"

For a while Element just stood there, silent, staring out at the sun setting below the sea. "I've heard a few things about it, didn't know I was so close."

"So, I'm guessing you're heading there then?"

He gave a small shake of his nod. "No, I'll go south; they'd expect me to look for them in a known city."

Cedric gave a small roll of his eyes. "Have you ever thought that they're thinking what you're thinking and headed towards Jump?"

Element gave a small nod. "They probably do, but they don't really care about it, we both know that sooner or later we'll meet again, and they look forward to each meeting just as well as I do."

"God, I've heard about complicating relationships, but this just takes the cake."

A small chuckle escaped from Element's lips, soon to be enveloped by silence as the two just stood there, Element staring at the setting sun and Cedric staring at Element.

It was Cedric who broke the silence, letting out a sigh. "Well, I guess I'll leave you alone so that you can go." And, giving a grunt from soreness, Cedric turned around and started to head towards the edge of the roof, where the metal disk was hovering around like a dog waiting expectantly for its master.

"I'm not human."

The small surprise of Element just blurting out that during the total silence made Cedric freeze his body in place, which didn't actually do to good to his injuries considering how fast he changed gears. "Well duh. I'm not that stupid to have not figured that out."

Element gave a small, kind of sad shake of his head. "No, I'm not as pure a human as you are; I'm barely a quarter human."

Cedric turned around to gaze once more at Element's back. "Alright…?"

A sigh escaped Element's lips. "My father was a demon, and my mother was only half human."

Interested, Cedric focused his eyes completely on Element, letting his ears hear every single word he said. "So, was the other side demon or..."

"No, her mother was one of the holy beings that the humans have referred to as an angel." His voice had grown soft, but his tone was even more serious than Cedric had ever heard it. "It was the specific combination of angel, human, and demon that gave me my powers when I was born."

"Well, that's a little surprising, you'd think that there would be other people with your powers, I mean I think that combinations like that wouldn't be one in a kind deals, there should be other in history."

Cedric may not have seen it, but a small smile lit up Element's face. "Not really, I'm guessing that somewhere in my father's ancestry there was a half demon half human or something like that, because he actually fell in love with my mother, he never raped her or anything against her will. And my human side, well, let's just say it ain't like other humans, it's a story in itself."

"So, what's the story?" Cedric asked inquisitively.

Element let out a chuckle. "Sorry, but I haven't told the story about my human side to anyone in my life, and as for the stuff about my mom and dad, I'm stopping right here."

"Alright," Cedric's voice had grown annoyed as soon as he heard this, "you owe me after all you know about me, I deserve to know something about you, but I don't delve into that."

"And you do," for the first time since getting on the rooftop, Element turned around to face Cedric, "I've just told you something about me that I've only told to one other person, you should be satisfied."

His brow furrowed. "Yeah, well I bet you told the other person more about yourself, though, didn't you?"

Element tilted his head, giving Cedric a look as if the answer was obvious. "Of course I did, I love her, what reason was there for me not to? You, on the other hand, are someone that I owed, and I'm sorry to say but our friendship isn't big enough for me to tell you who I fully am, yet."

Cedric went silent as he tried to think of something to say, until he remembered back to what Element had just said. "Friendship? You must be kidding, right?"

With a big smile, Element shook his head. "Nope, I meant it, we're friends whether you like it or not."

"Friends. That may get a little difficult to get used to." Cedric said. After about a few seconds of silence, his eyes shifted to look back at Element. "Well, I guess that you don't have to tell me anymore, seeing as it seems big just to know who what your father was. I'll leave this alone."

Element turned to look back at the city, his hands in his pockets, the smile still plastered on his face. "You know what, Cedric? You really need to get out more, open up, make some friends or something, and just plain stop ignoring things. Come to think of it, I think I have just the cure." His right hand dug into the bottom of his pocket, searching for a few seconds to finally take out a folded piece of paper. He raised his hand up, holding the piece of paper between his middle and index finger so that Cedric got a good view. "You need a girl my friend." And with a flick of his wrist, he flung the piece of paper over to Cedric, who caught it in midair, his eyes still focused on Element, who was looking over at Cedric with a fun, reckless kind of look in his eyes. "Give her a call, she seems like a nice girl, and if she asks how you got her number, just tell her Element gave it to you."

"Obviously you don't know as much about me as I thought." Cedric raised an eyebrow. "I've got plenty of friends. Gifted, like me. Did you ever figure out why I was called the Element of Metal?"


"Probably for the best then."

"Trying to play sneaky on me now?" Element asked, turning around towards the edge of the building.

"Oh, one more thing Element." Cedric yelled. Element turned around slowly, only to watch as Cedric's metal disk zipped into Element's legs, causing Element to trip.


"Who am I to not let you get a hit on me before I left? I let you hit me." Element defended, getting up.

"I wouldn't expect anything less." Cedric replied.

Giving a sigh, Element walked over to the edge of the building, placing his feet so that the points stuck out over the air. He turned to look once more over to Cedric, and gave a kind of salute with his middle and index finger. "See ya."

With that, he leaped off the building, spreading his arms out wide as his body started to tilt downward, soon turning into a fall as he plummeted towards the ground. When he was almost down to the height of one of the smaller buildings, Element's body tilted back up, catching the air and leveling back out as he shot through the air, just above the smaller buildings and under the shadow of the skyscrapers. He took a corner and headed out to the sea, where he turned once more to head out south, his body so low to the sea that he sprayed water in a small wave on either side of his body.

Cedric gave an amused sigh, soon followed by a small chuckle and an actual smile as he looked at Element's body. At one point during the flight, he could have sworn that he heard the echoes of a "whoo" in the air. He looked back down at the note, unfolding it to reveal a telephone number. A sigh escaped his lips, and Cedric gripped the top of the small piece of paper with both hands. With a small pull, he tore the paper in half.

"They say one man's sunset is another man's sunrise. The cause of one's adventure ending begins another adventure for the soul willing to take it." Cedric opened his eyes from his thoughts. He peered to the west, looking down at the grand metropolis of Towerin, shimmering in the sunset; the same view Element saw when he crossed the mountains from the East. Cedric lazily held a backpack with one hand as he looked at the scene.

"While my adventures with Element are over, the lessons I've learned, experiences I've skilled, and differences we mended won't be forgotten with time." Cedric then turned away from the city and looked at the mountain range that lay east of Towerin.

"Element stated that I passed up a love life, someone special, I simply ignored people in love with me like they weren't anything, just left them in the cold. I didn't care." Cedric stepped on his metal disk and began floating away from Towerin and through the mountains.

"While Element's adventures set, mine are only beginning." Cedric then took something out of his pocket, a small picture.

"Maybe I did pass up a love life with the girls in Towerin, ignored them for the feelings they felt. But I… I've got a reason better then any other." Within Cedric's palm was the picture from his bedroom of the girl with two brown pigtails and a red hat worn backwards on her head.

"My ambition to find her starts a whole new adventure for me." As Cedric flew into the dark sky of the east, away from Towerin maybe never to return, it was safe to say Cedric would never forget his Encounters with the boy, the demon, named Element.


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