Rose: A Tragic Fairytale

By writerforever


Once upon a time in a land far far away there lived an elderly peasant man and his seventeen-year-old daughter, Rose. They lived in a little cottage next to a lush forest. Rose loved her father dearly and cooked and cleaned while he was away in town at his job. Surprisingly Rose was not a true beauty like the princesses of that day but her kind and loving spirit made her the most beautiful girl in all the land. She would sing as she went about her house work and she always wore a smile.

Unfortunately though, Rose's life was about to change.

It all happened on a warm summer day. Rose was busy packing her father lunch for his trip to town to his job.

"Good morning my dear," her father said as he stepped into the kitchen.

"Good morning to you too Papa," Rose replied.

"I have your lunch ready," she said handing him a little basket that contained a piece of bread and ham.

"Thank you. I'll be off then," he said kissing his daughter on the cheek.

"Goodbye Papa," Rose waved as her father stepped outside and began his journey to town.

"Now what should I do first? I have everything cleaned so I suppose I could go for a walk," Rose said pulling a shawl over her head and stepping outside.

She walked into the forest and admired the tree with their beautiful green leaves that blew in the cool breeze. She watched as the creatures of the forest scampered about. This was her paradise. It was the one place that she was truly happy. Although she always tried to be kind and happy around others, deep inside Rose was very troubled. Ever since her mother had died from an unknown sickness a part of Rose had died too. She missed her mother terribly.

Soon Rose came upon a rose bush. The roses were a beautiful dark red and Rose couldn't resist the temptation to smell one of them.

"Oh how beautiful," she said as she leaned down and inhaled the sweet fragrance of the flowers.

"I would very much like to take one and dry it so that it will keep," Rose said.

Reaching out she plucked one of the roses gently from the bush. As soon as she did this an angry voice cried out from behind her.

"What are you doing?" the voice said.

Startled, Rose turned around and was surprised to see a hunched over old lady with a twisted cane standing there.

"I-I-I'm sorry…are these your roses?" Rose asked.

"Yes, they are and you have just plucked one off," the old woman said angrily.

"I'm terribly sorry. I did not know they belonged to anyone," Rose replied lowering her eyes.

"Oh you will be sorry for now you must suffer for what you have done," the old woman said.

"Why must I suffer?" Rose asked, alarmed.

"Those aren't just any kind of roses. They are magical roses that I created with my magic. I love them dearly you see. But look now at the bush!" the old woman said.

Rose glanced behind her and was shocked to see that the bush had wilted and all the rose petals turn brown.

"It is dead now, thanks to you," the old woman said glaring at her.

"Oh my! Please forgive me. I would have never plucked the rose off if I had known that it would kill the whole bush," Rose said as tears filled her eyes.

"For what you have done I place a spell upon you. For four years you will become a rose. Only at night will you turn back into a human. But as soon as the sun rises you will turn back into rose. You will not be allowed to leave the forest at all," the old woman said.

"And so you shall be for four years because there was four petals on the rose that you plucked from the bush," the old woman said.

"Oh dear please do not do this to me! What of my father? He needs me," Rose said gasping in horror.

"He will be taken care of. Perhaps next time you will not be so foolish," the old woman said raising her cane. It turned into a wand and it was then and there that she turned Rose into a beautiful red rose with four petals. The rose was made to where it was growing from the ground and there it sat with its roots in the earth in the middle of the forest.

To Be Continued…

A Note from the writer: I know that this story isn't the greatest but I've always wanted to write my own fairytale so I finally have. Please don't be too hard on me lol.