The winter snow is falling hard

My blood is icy within my veins

My heart's so black, it beats no more

I've fallen through my human pain

I'm a broken shell, lost the true me

But through a torturous Hell, I will be free

Even though this Hell most would call Earth

I've been fighting this since my retched birth


Rise up my children

You can't be beaten anymore

Show them what you're made of

Show them we're not just worthless whores

Shout out my children

It's time to turn the tides

Show them you're not playing anymore

Show them the darkness deep inside


The snow is falling harder now

And I'm running out of time

Soon I won't be able to come back

Soon I'll cut that dotted line

Nothing could have prepared me

For the outcome of this day

And as my blood stains through the carpet

My consciousness just fades away


But there's no need to be scared now

I'll lead you from the great beyond

Though I fell in the mortal battle for truth

Your march to reality must push on

Walk all over my lifeless body

Don't even take a second glance

Your mission must be seen and heard

Don't give humanity a second chance


Rise up my children

Your glowing eyes so deep and cold

Show mankind just what you're made of

Don't just go with what you're told

Shout out my children

With bloody swords glued to your hands

Show them it's no longer fun and games

Wipe humanity clean from these lands


The snow has finally stopped falling

My grave is lying all alone

I can't believe I'm really gone

Where did the world go so wrong

The grass begins to cover me

The cycle of life unfortunately begins again

But soon like them, you'll do what you're told

And so again the cycle will end