Imagine a place that it so fantastically astounding it cannot possibly be imagined.
A place where exquisite splendour reigns on high,
With everything in it worshipping it's dazzling neighbors
Only to turn and be worshipped itself.
Where majestic blossoms flourish in their thousands
Undisturbed by human interference
So they can live there at their finest
And wave, row upon row, in the soft breeze that runs gently throughout.
Where nature thrives, and all creatures
Those that we can imagine and those that we can't
Dwell in harmony with each other
Letting the natural world take over their lives
Leading everything to it's fortune or misfortune.
Imagine a place set apart from any other place,
A place where magic could happen.

Imagine a place where nothing can live.
A place where putrid, uninviting black vines twist into the air
Slowly suffocating anything that dares approach.
Where the air is thick with choking, decomposing gloom
And ghostly shadows looming around every dark corner
Ready to engulf unwary victims and silently wipe them from existence.
Where jagged stones litter the uneven ground
Thrusting upwards
Pointing towards the daunting black clouds that choke the sky
Trapping the never ending darkness.
Where shadowy predators haunt far and wide
With no regard for other's lives
Leaving no place safe for vulnerable prey.
Imagine a place so horrendous that no one ever goes there,
A place where evil can breed.