The Tamer Within

Chapter one: a friends gift

At the top of the Galla she stood scared of what was to be. Of all the things she was expected to do. How she was suppose to act and speck. All her life she had spent in the Galla within its safe and reassuring walls not knowing of the wonders that of the world out side. The wonders she so desperately wanted to see but she would never be able to venture beyond the wall after she makes her bonding to the Galla which will give her ultimate knowledge of the power of the ore of wind and bond her spirit to walls of the Galla. Kara was very lucky she would be making her bond at a very early age she was only seventeen years old. Usually you would have to be around nineteen to make the bond but Kara was very intelligent and soared though her training.

She enjoyed using magic it was her favourite thing to do next to riding and grooming the horses in the grounds. Besides being intelligent she was quite an attractive girl which she didn't see. Her dark brown hair was silky and smooth which she loved to try different styles with. Her light hazel eyes were both beautiful and easily her best feature. Her skin was clear and fresh the mountain air was clean and didn't have many impurities in it so it helped to keep your skin smooth and fresh. She was of middle height and never seemed to put on weight even how much she eats.

Kara wasn't a very sociable girl she most enjoyed being on her own reading or reflecting on her thoughts. She never really had friends, and there was only one person she ever felt close to. Laverna Kara's best friend left the Galla two years ago her grandma wanted them to live in peace away from all the rush of living in such a big comity. They kept contact by letters and by this still keeping there friendship as strong as they could. Kara always loved to get a letter of Laverna since they always seemed up lifting and full of good news and encouragement. Her latest letter from Laverna was quite short and quite rushed she held it in her hand re-reading it hoping it would help her gather her strength for her task ahead:

Dear Kara

am in a bit of a hurry at the mo, grandma is moving us to a different and safer village since the Sabith are moving closer to are area. The dame things if they ever come anywhere near me I swear they will get it. The little dirty things its worse enough they was born of darkness but they have to make everyone else's life a misery too.

Oh well on a lighter note I can't believe you are going to be bonding in the name of Donelle its amazing. I really can't believe it, I knew you were smart but that's just of the winds girl. I bet your parents would be so proud of you I know I am. I know you can do it just look deep down inside you and find that strength to bond to the Galla. You must be really nevus, well I have got to go grandma is going to use the ore and blow me to the village if I don't hurry up.

Remember I am always with you were ever you are



Kara scanned it for the last time then carefully placed it in her pocket. She had forgotten about the Sabith the dirty swains. Killing innocent people for fun it made Kara sick even thinking of them. Sabith were those born of darkness evil and destructive people that named there self's after Sabith fillon a man of evil who lead those born of darkness and nearly destroyed all that was good. Kara held her wind pendent which was an oval shaped stone with the symbol of wind carved in to it. Two circles with a wavy line going right thought them. She was trying so hard not to think of Sabith he may be well gone but he still brings fear to one's mind. Kara broke her thoughts away from Sabith and remembered about the bonding it was only two hours till it started and she didn't want to be late. So she took a deep breath to calm her mind before going back in.

The halls of the Galla where quite and deserted all the girls Kara's age would be in class and lads were not aloud in this area of the Galla. Girls and boys were not aloud much contact, until the age of fourteen you wasn't even allowed to speck to the opposite gender. Kara her self had only spoken to a boy at the most twice she didn't really find them as interesting as the other girls did. She thought it was silly how they seemed to melt if a boy smiled at them. She had never even had a crush on any of the lads in the Galla.

Kara had finally got to her room which seemed like a mile away from the open top. She walked over to her bed looking down at her best dress it came just below her knees, it was white with a see though sliver materiel over it, it came of the shoulders down the arm then it opened out near the hands. It was a beautiful dress so Kara didn't want to ruin it with her usual boots so she borrowed some slipper like shoe's which suited the dress perfectly since they were also silver. She didn't waist anytime in getting ready. She got dress being careful not to damage the dress in anyway. Next she went over to her mirror and started to do her hair. She put it in a bun with little pieces of hair coming down. Looking at her self she felt as thou she could be so much more, but her place has been and always be in the Galla she told her self.

"Knock, knock" Kara broke her gaze from the mirror to her bedroom door. Is it time already she thought.

"Come in" Kara said loud enough for the person on the other side of the door to hear.

The door creaked open and, a young boy about the same age as Kara was standing under her door frame. He had light blonde hair which was curly and quite long which almost covered his blue eyes. Kara noticed he was quite a good looking lad since his button nose made him look almost adorable. He was about an inch higher than Kara and was wearing working cloths Kara assumed he worked in the fields just out side the walls of the Galla.

"Miss" the boy said, his voice was trembling

"What's the matter" replied and feeling of fear entered her body. Something was wrong and she could feel it.

"It's…it's the Sabith miss" the boy was having much difficulty specking. Kara could see that he was afraid but of what. The Sabith couldn't touch them; they were safe within the walls of the Galla. Only those out side would be at harms risk, then it hit her.

"Laverna" she whispered before she knew it tears were finding there way down her cheeks. The boy had moved away for the door way and embraced Kara with a comforting hug. "They got her didn't they" she whimpered. The boy looked at her right in the face. At this she could see the full brilliance of his sea blue eyes.

"Laverna's riding group was attacked, but her body was not found" he informed her. Kara felt a slightly relieved, if her body was not found she might still be alive. She broke away from the boy.

"I have to find her" she said while rushing around trying to think of what she would need.

"You cant, it's to dangerous" the boy protested

"So, she might need my help" Kara replied

"She might note even be al…" he was cut of by Kara "… she's alive, she has to be" tears stared too fill her eyes again but she didn't cry she still felt quite silly from the first time.

Kara had rested her self on her bed. "She has to be" she whispered under her breath. Then questions started arising in her mind how who is he, does he know her, how would he know to tell me.

"Who are you?" Kara asked the boy

"My name is Felix" he replied "I bet your wondering why im the one telling you" Kara nodded. "Well um…… Laverna was one of my work colleagues down in the village" flex told her "we was quite close…… she sent me a message" he put his hand in his pocket and took out a small piece of paper and handed it to Kara.

There here the Sabith, we was being followed the hole time. I don't think im going to make it. There are two many of them give this message to Kara:

Kara Just remember were ever you go ill be with you even if im gone from this world. Your much more than you think, I hope that this pendent will help you on your way to find out who you truly are.

And Felix im truly sorry………

Kara stared at the paper she wouldn't believe that she was truly gone. She couldn't Laverna was the only thing she had left in her life. Her mum had died in labour with her and her dad slowly died of a broken heart. Not even Kara could make him recover from his wife's death.

"im sorry" Felix said as he rested his hand on her shoulder. She can't be gone Kara thought, she can't be. This time Kara couldn't help her self she just had to cry.

Kara started wondering what Laverna meant by your so much more and who you truly are. "Im a wind tamer" she told her self "nothing more, nothing less" she turned to Felix who was handing her a pendent. It was a sort of stone mixed with a pure white crystal. As soon as Kara touched it she felt its power "it's a life stone" she told Felix she examined more closely she could tell it belonged to a very strong individual who was as pure as the heavens above. But why was Laverna giving her a life stone. A life stone was one of the most precious things in the world. It processed the power of the tamer it was born from. It is a difficult task making a life stone and it usually happens when you're born so the stone would help you with your training and to help weld the ore.

"Try it on" Felix said breaking the silence. He took out a ring of beige string "this should do" he held out his hand to Kara and she gave him the stone, then he threaded the string though the stone. "Done" he said giving Kara the stone back. She felt the power of the stone one more time before putting it on.

"It suits you" Felix complimented.

"I guess so" Kara replied. There was something about this particular life stone. It didn't show what the owner was born of; usually it would tell u by the colour or the feel of it. But the weirdest thing about the stone was that Kara felt connected to it some how, like it was a part of her.