I don't care

Dig my grave

12 feet deep

Clean the blood

Then let my sleep

Fall into a lasting slumber

The end of my life on earth

My emotions flow

Into an uneasy swirling mass

Of depression, sorrow and deep revenge

On all of your lives

I'll bring to an end

Clean the blood

Off my wrists

Wash my wounds away

Wash my mind of all bad thoughts

Dry my tears

And dry my eyes

As I pull the trigger and hope to die

Wash away my sorrow

Burn away my pain

Never let me feel

Another thing again

Never let me see

Another pain or suffering

Or my parents even argue

Never let me see

My baby sister cry

Clean up the blood

That I left behind

Burn my body

Till only my remains are left

Throw them over the sea

And hope to never see

Me or my life again

Wash away my sorrow

Burn away my pain

Clean the blood from upon my wrists

And finally

Please just let me

Sleep in peace