"They say it's 'innocence lost'

I say it's happiness found,

And who would have thought it'd be right there


On that black and white bed atop the stairs


How easily we fit together


How my body opens like a flower to his

It's distinct, the memories of

The taste of his skin

The first gasp of pain

The gentle whisper in my ear

And it's more than wonderful, that he,

Keeping rhythm with loving hips

And racing hearts

Can look me in the eye

'No regrets'

Soon I'm wrapped in blankets, one hand at my chest,

Smiling, because we

Shared the same passion

The same bed


But it's totally worth it

So settle down, take a deep breath

And morning comes all too soon,

Twilight, as humble as it is

While he holds my hand as

If I were made of glass

Driving home

With moaned words scribbled across the windshield:

'I love you.' "